Pastor Gino jennings Homosexuals Gays Lesbians and Transgenders


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  1. When it comes down to The Customs and the Traditions of men. And Truly men loves there Customs and Traditions. These False teachers of men who Jesus Christ calls Hirelings in these Lukewarm so called Churches it is all Design to not offend there Parishioners. Who brings there Unrighteous Mammon or there so called tithes so The Preacher will rest The Word so that they don't feel any Guilt or Condemnation. All they will hear is some feel good message of Sweet Swellings Words that doesn't talk about one has to Repent and give up there sins because they think they are all right with God ? When in fact they are not. But many of these so called Ministers don't want to offend less they will lose some of there Cash cows. So these Ministers will add and take away from The Scriptures so not to loose the Cream. It is said why pay your way to Hell ? When you are going Free. Many Preach the Word of God Deceitfully. And this is Why Jesus Christ told John at that time to write to the 7 Churches that was in Asia Minor. Because The LORD knew there Works and they weren't doing what they were supposed to do. Only One Church The LORD didn't have any problems with. And The LORD told them to keep up what they were doing. Because God does know your works whether it be of God ? or in The Customs and The Traditions of men ? And if it is not of God ? Then you are Worshipping you no not What ? God is not accepting your Worship. Even The LORD said that men draws nigh unto me with their mouth , and shall Honours Him with their Lips , But Their Hearts are still far from Me. And just because many of these Prosperity so called Churches can raise a lot of money. That doesn't mean that these meeting places are of God ?

  2. Stop making noise and pushing out your chest Gino, until you can drink poison without being harmed ( according
    To your Lord and saviour Jesus Christ in Mark 16 : 17–18 ), you are just another false apostle, ( Mt 24 :24 ) who
    said so, ? Jesus said so, until you or any other False prophet can accomplish this prediction or prophecy, Then you're
    Just making noise just like an empty pan, Paul, your mentor and teacher, was a very big fan of himself, and so is all
    his disciples including you, Paul was forever promoting himself as the only one who has that authority, while at the
    same time demeaning Others, Jennings you should keep quite and check yourself. Drink some poison to prove that
    you are for real.

  3. Gino when prayer is going forth everything and everyone is to be still, no movement out of reverence to Almighty God. Soon as Williams started to prsy you left the room. You the one who condems people to hell for rhe slightest infraction, you have no respect for God by walking while Williams was talking to God.

  4. The pope is a scam and a fraud he is a great liar in the Catholic Church using his likeness to make money. A man can't lay with another man and woman can't lay with woman. God our heavenly father is the only way to heavenly. The devil is a liar from hell and those who are not sorry will burn in hell with the unholy and evil ones.

  5. Might as well tell these people who running around marking on yourselves..God is angry

    Take that mess off these bodies!!!!how can nobody will rebuke Satan writing on yourself.. called a tattoo

    Had to turn off Fred Price Jr..a pastor was speaking in his absence with all these tattoos showing..Dr Fred Price stood for excellence and now these fools up on the church STOP 🛑 please keep being an example to young men Pastor Jennings we ain't got no mo ..

  6. They invested millions in telescopes…they know Jesus..the real Christ is coming

    The have promoted a False feminine Christ and most Christians are foolish waiting on a rapture

    Look outside it's way later than you think..

  7. You have opened my eyes to alot of things…… You are truly a Man of GOD. I have heard some people talk bad about you but it will in Jesus name falls on deaf ears. God continue to bless you.

  8. Devil hijacked Sesame Street . Jennings will be surprised to see soft spoken Joel Osteen in Heaven with his dad who was more of a down home preacher like Jennings but both have been annoited none the less .God will take us anyw⁶ay he can get us with any type of annointed preachers he can use

  9. The Pastor is from the Hood, when the Brother wants you to hear and understand, he makes sure that he tells you 100% the words of God. over and over repeatedly, so we have no excuse, if we say that we did not know truth, we Lie


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