Pastor Gino Jennings – False Religions

Truth of God episode 1657 for 07/24/2022
Seattle, Washington
Recording date: 03/26/2022

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  1. The bible say all have gone astray each its own way your Righteous is like a filthy rag none is right no not one including u Jennings Christian is Christ Like so it's in the bible so u lied when u say Christian is not in the bible in another sermon adventist never hiject anything u r mis interpreting scripture.

  2. Yes I'm a adventist I can say it the I can say in the beginning Commandments was with God that is why Satan was guilty he wanted to be like God that's breaking the Law he also lied this was in the beginning Jennings u don't do what the bible says Jesus was a sabbath keeper u r not people present this to him and he twist it to what he wants to say .

  3. Not all your teaching is from the bible u mix truth with error u twist the word o u r not to be a seventh day adventist u not waiting for Christ second coming I guess I guess u won't be a sabbath keeper either.

  4. , there is nobody on this earth that is Holy only through Jesus Christ may you be Holy ..unbelievable that your trying to make people think that they too can be holy NO only through Jesus Christ may you be holy 🤦‍♀️ me holy ? No ! I’m a sinner holy ? No your a sinner ..NO NO NO

  5. There was a Man living in Seattle Washington who was using scriptures to lie to people and was not living nothing in the church trying to lie to women and putting up scriptures everyday his initials are ( R.C) please watch out for him he is originally from Fayetteville N.C.and ran to Seattle Washington what a evil spirited man.

  6. Hallelujah…glory to God. Listening to pastor Jennings is so fulfilling. I love how you can explain the Bible and it makes sense. You don't tell me what I want to know, you just tell me the truth of God unpolished.

  7. Thank you God for Pastor Gino Jennings! I love listening and watching! Finally the truth after a life filled with lies! Praise the Lord and God bless you Pastor Jennings and your family and congregation!


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