Pastor Gino Jennings- Celebrities, Entertainers, & Politicians are Leading You to HELL

First Church Truth of God Broadcast 1144-1145

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  1. Seems like folks don’t really fear God. But soon as something is wrong in their life there they go calling on God and everybody and everything that believes in God let them get in some real trouble Pastor.

  2. The more I stay in the world…the more my resentment stands toward God…however the more I listen to this broadcast AND read scripture for myself, the more I understand and it melts my heart. It really does come down to one or the other. This is so hard on the ears.

  3. "GOD'S BLESSINGS HAVE NEVER BEEN UP ON ABOMINATION"! Let the Church say Amen!! Enough said. 🙌🏽🗝️📖🎁❤️💯🙏🏽⚔️🛡️🔥🕊️🕊️🕊️🔥

  4. 3 John 1:11 says Beloved, do not imitate what is evil, but what is good. He who does good is of God, but he who does evil has not seen God. Pole dancing is for strippers. Any church that has a pole for dancing is the church of the devil.

  5. How can you judge other pastors when you pull out scripture to suit your ways God is going to expose yourself very soon you think everyone is doing wrong but you are deceived stabbing Joel Osteen Creflo dollar TD Jakes men of God putting them down is a no no also you spoke that a women should not wear make up it’s not the way you interpreted you are a using the Harlette instead of using 1Peter talks about the inner beauty so you should not be teaching Gods word at all you are not accurate and call your self a prophet we can see the fruits on a man or women and not Judging only God does the Judging not you

  6. Halalu Praise God Yahvah Elohim Adonay El Shadday (Aramaic-Hebrew-Acts26:14 [Rabonni -Aramaic-John20:16],Rom3:2-10,Gala3:29-26 Holy Name-Eze36:23-26-31 Know-Isa52:6-3-7 No One-Exo3:15 Knows-Psa119:99-129 Except the One-Mat13:17 Who Receives It-Rev2:17,19:13 Restoration of Orig Sacred Name-KJV) Jesus Yahvahshua says the Words I have spoken to you are Spirit and Life (Jn6:63-27-45) Healing to All the flesh-Pr4:22-21-37 your faith made you well-Mk 5:34-25 Observe He went around doing good-preached talked about the Kingdom (Luk9:60) Sovereigndom of God Yahvah (to Him be All the Glory-Rm11:36-16-18 Every Praise belongs to Him and Yahvahshua-Rv5:12-13,7:12) please note Yahvahshua talked about the Good News of the Kingdom of Yahvah Heaven not about any religion church ministry label org etc (Luk9:60) then He healed everyone that needed healing-Lk9:11 When we meditate (Josh1:8-3-9) on God Elohim’s Word Truth (Jn17:17-23) day and night (Ps1:2,119:91-99) as Scriptures tell us-Elohim will flood us with knowledge understanding as waters (Isa11:9) cover the sea-Hab2:14-4 out of abundance of the heart the mouth speaks-Mt12:34-32 your words-Mt12:37 so this is Life-Healing-the Word says Tranquility gives health to the body but jealousy rots the bones-Pr14:30-34 safe-Pr14:3-7 Wisdom teaches us to be patient (so in El’s perspective-patience is wisdom) it is his glory for a man to overlook an offense insult-Pr19:11-23 humility comes before honor-God El Shadday is pleased with a man who is humble with contrite penitent heart-Isa66:2-12 vigorous health-Is 66:14-17 true wisdom is fear of El-to forsake evil is understanding-Job28:28-12-22 so humility is wisdom-patience is better (Ecc7:8,5:7) than pride-Pr16:18 honor-Pr18:12 wisdom is better than weapons of war-Ecc9:18 Test every spirit-in the last days El says I will pour (note pour) out my spirit upon all flesh people mankind-your sons daughters-men women (think daughters women) will prophesy-note 17s-Ac2:17-21 first preacher after resurrection-a woman-Jn20:17 El will change us from Glory to Glory-2Cor3:18 neither male or female-Gala3:28-26-29 The one whom El sends speaks His Words-Jn3:34-31-7-21 (not doctrines of any church religion etc-Mt16:17-23) El gives His Spirit without limit (El is infinite beyond measure-Ps147:5) His wisdom is broader longer than the earth wider than the sea-Job11:9,Isa11:9 Test All-out of context? Everything serves Him-Ps119:91-99 Everything was created for Yahvahshua-Colo1:16 El is righteous in all He does -Ps145:17 All Glory to El-Rv5:12-13,7:12 Adonay says only God El is good-Mk10:18-15 so only El (Creator) is right-not creation-Rm1:25-16-32 Christ Mashyeak is the end of the law-there is righteousness for everyone who believes in Him-Rm10:4 everyone who calls on Adonay will be saved-Ac2:21 never be put to shame-Rm9:33 saved-Rm10:13 I am Adonay-God El of All mankind-is anything too hard for me? (please note All flesh mankind-Jer32:27 so the Truth (Jn 17:17-23) Word Scriptures are also [Rm4:24] for us today-Lk4:21,Ac10:44,11:15) Adonay says anyone who is not for me is against me-anyone who does not gather scatters-Lk11:23-28 YouTube (2 videos) Name of God Appears on Temple Wisdom Preserves the Life of its Possessor-note 12s-Ecc7:12,5:12-10 Halalu Yahvah Elohim Adonay El Shadday Amen Amen Amen!

  7. Whenever you mention God on the internet or even in real life it’s a issue , everyone is fighting against you but I see people comment stuff about Satan all the time and everyone loves it , it’s sad to see how people don’t believe but all I can do is pray for their ignorance 🙏🏾

  8. The word fear n that context of that scripture (Joshua 24 with the verse fear the Lord n sincerely) DOESN'T MEAN 2 be terrified, afraid oh no! But nstead it simply means reverence, give God respect with an authentic heart (mind that is).


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