Pastor Gino Jennings- Can You Even Handle The Riches You’re After?

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Song: Carneal Overton-He’s Been So Good

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  1. The Tabernacle of God is with MEN!!! If ANY  Man Defile the Temple of God, Him shall God DESTROY!!!, for the Temple of God is Holy!!! and the Temple WE ARE!!! GLORY be to the Almighty Father… Amen 🙏
    Darkness is coming for the Wicked and Deceitful… Amen 🙏 for what they have Done to the Lamb of God… the Eyes 👀 of the Lord are on the Righteous!!! Prepare thyself for the Kingdom of God is at hand… Amen 🙏 REPENT or Suffer His Vengeance… Amen Flee from Sin!!!
    GLORY be to the Almighty Father…
    HolySpirit 🕊 SonOfGod

  2. I'm Rich in Spirit!!! GLORY be to My Father in Heaven… Amen 🙌 His Faithfulness and Mercy 🥺 is abundant… I'm Thankful for Everything He's done for Me… Amen and Amen 🙌 Beloved, Be Holy, Be Humble, and Be Faithful. 🙏

  3. Not every body is after riches. Some people just want quality life. Standard living. I want a decent accommodation not a room infested with rats, good portable water supply. Good health care system ( such that I will be able to visit an hospital get proper diagnosis and afford treatment) not self medicate. ( It is killing us slowly). One should be able afford to go on vacation but to me, it is luxury. I don't need luxuries. I don't need to own a mansion with good ocean view or luxurious cars or own a yatch. I don't need all that.

  4. People's thoughts of what they do with the money… Oh what that does to people. The money just sits there. So however you invest or circulate that money. Whatever it becomes of out of the heart or hands of people. That's how things change. We can't blame it on the money. The love of it is how it effects what happens in your life.

  5. I know u will say am objective but which bob Marley song you know cannot be played rn fact is give the entertainment business there props you watch tv I watch tv we all should figure out what we want in life legacy never dies ✌️Oh and remember MJ

  6. Can you handle the riches you are after? That's a very great question. I've learned that if a person can't handle the finances that they have already. No matter how much. They most certainly wouldn't be able to handle more.

  7. What's so false about this particular message is that the entertainment industry has so many types of jobs. Everyone is not in front of the camera or a star. He just needs to be specific. I hope that people use discernment when listening to messages like this. Where is the wisdom at? Plus, everyone in the entertainment industry don't make millions. Some of those jobs range from $30,000 a year, hardly above the poverty level to millions, yes. But come on. This message has lots of errors.

  8. In the bible the church helped the poor not the government. Now a days the church says even if your poor you need to give ten percent. Even if you can't pay your rent. How sad is that.

  9. One can't believe in God/Jesus and not believe in his word (the bible). They are one. Jesus is the living word. That's how everything came into being, by his word. When one truly believes in the death, burial and resurrection of Christ Jesus (the living word) then they worship God/Jesus in spirit and truth. Jesus is the King of Glory. No one will see the truth, know the truth or know life (spiritual life) except through faith in Christ Jesus and the work he did on the cross. Jesus died to pardon us of our guilty sinful condition. One must see that, believe that in order to be saved (given eternal life). The only other option is unbelief. Jesus the Christ (our creator) says those who do not believe are condemned already "He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God."

  10. He asked can sweet and bitter water come out of the same fountain while standing there in a three-piece suit when there are many who can't even make enough money to pay the rent. Many people live in the street, homeless. He probably has many of them suits while there are people who even pay for their next meal. Hypocrite.

  11. At least at Jesus's birth⏩ three kings brought Him gold, frankincense, and myrrh!☺️ Reminded of the verse Psalms 35 ⏩ GOD TAKES PLEASURE IN THE PROSPERITY OF HIS PEOPLE!!! YEAH!!

  12. God humbles EVERYBODY:
    For after that in the wisdom of God the world by wisdom knew not God, it pleased God by the foolishness of preaching to save them that believe. 1Co.1:21

  13. Pastor GIno Jennings truly preaches the Word Of ‘GOD’!!! I find that it is so sad when elected officials vote to take away or cut government programs that helps/aids the poor/those who are in poverty! They act like it does not phase them! I wonder sometimes how do they sleep at night knowing that the People who have elected them into office or not, are relying on them to vote or to put into place programs and/or fundings from the Government to help out in hardships for the Working Class People and for the Poor! ‘GOD’ said There Will Always Be The Poor!!! We Should Always Provide For The Poor! May ‘GOD’ Bless Those Who Are Living In Poverty And Those Of Us Who Are In A Struggle, To Be Blessed With Faith And Belief In ‘GOD’ In ‘JESUS CHRIST’ Our ‘SAVIOR’!!!


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