Pastor Gino Jennings- Being Too Spiritual Will Make You Foolish

First Church Truth of God Broadcast:

Song: Carneal Overton-He’s Been So Good

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  1. Facebook no Twitter no tiktok no what ever…just do the work of the Lord jesus Himself, share the good news with the Lost and the bride of christ will only lissen to Jesus voice .

  2. This is amazing, I asked GOD to help me, and this video pops up on my YouTube! My girlfriend and I just broke up because of our differences when it comes to the BIBLE and a few other personal things!!! She reads EVERYDAY and Does Bible study and CHURCH every week! I respect her for it. But she tells me that I take it to LITERALLY when I read it! When she reads it? I means what it says! When I read it? That’s not what it means!!! God is talking to me now thru this video! She would say this video is WRONG!👊🏽

  3. Look who's talking, can be too "spiritual" bro read that dumbass Bible and tell me if you too "spiritual" because to me you so heavenly you no earthly good….. I never seen an atheist Rob Church I never seen an atheist start a war I never hear about an atheist molesting children I never hear about a atheist killing other people because they have a different religion I think I want to be an atheist…….

  4. I always love the message from God out of Apostle Pastor Gino Jennings but this channel I hope you can stop the ads because for those it can hinder the word of God 🙏☝️🙌

  5. It is so good to hear this pastor speak of something other than bashing other preachers.
    This is the best sermon that he has preached for ME, I can certainly relate to what he is saying.

  6. He’s preaching to himself and his own judgment is more harsh than The Most High God’s. He has a platform. While the rest of us sinners just suffer in silence. He’s hosted. God is love. Not shame. Wake up . 🙌🏽

  7. Is it Possible that Religion is a lie?

    Yes! It is a lie. One of the Greatest Cons for Theft of Individual Expression and Money that has ever been Perpetrated on the Planet. And it’s legal!

    There are more than 4,600 Religions, worldwide, with thousands of Gods. They’re all Claiming to be the one True Religion, following the One True God. Either Only one Religion is True or all Religions are False? How can all Religions be True?

    So If He truly believes the Bible to be True… Then he's a Ignorant Fool, and Needs to be Silenced, and

    If He knows that its all Lie's… Then he is a Worthless Tyrant, and Needs to be Silenced…

    Ether way He Needs to be Silenced…


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