Pastor Gino Jennings – Answering A question About Hell

Pastor Gino Jennings – Answering A Question About Hell

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  1. If you don't believe that Jesus Christ the Son of God is in heaven right now your on your way to hell Gino Jennings doesn't believe that The Son of God is in heaven so he is on his way to hell to join SC Johnson that's if he doesn't repent.

  2. Apostal Jennings I was just thinking about what you just said that when we go with Jesus and our bodies are changed we will not remember our former things here while we was on earth and I believe that because it is what the Bible tells us so then I be an thinking that while we will not remember our lives here on earth,at the same time the ones who are in Hell will remember things of their very own lives and will feel the pain extremely This is deep so I I wa wondering can you please explain how this is and why? Thank you and God Bless

  3. No sir, the worm isn’t our flesh because it is actually called the Woodworm..the Bible also speaks of a star called Woodworm(The Book of Revelations)the fell from Heaven and affected the Seas and Oceans and killed the fish and a third of mankind


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