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  1. Bless you my beloved God showed me a revelation when I was on your profile to see things around you. My dear, I saw God's favor, success, Joy, breakthrough, behind that, I saw more spiritual attack from the enemies working on holding such blessing, casing your set back, but my dear you are lifted above any spiritual tower so the lord instruct you to sow a seed into a BLESAM ORPHANAGE HOME is a covenant seed between you and God. The lord asked me to tell you before the end of (3) three days to sow the seed into Divine charity BLESAM ORPHANAGE HOME somewhere in italy cesena bring spiritual and divine breakthrough in your life and that of your family because there is power in sowing, contact the MD of the foundation on WhatsApp or call him. +2349135966387 don't joke with this prophecy, bless you …………

  2. Isaiah 41:10:13. Wonders of divine contact.
    What happens when you’re permanently in contact with God, it is possible to be rich and go to being poor, proverb 23:5, it is not a pleasant thing to be an ex. 1st Samuel 15:1-30, it is a very horrible thing to be an ex champion judges 16:18-31. Story of Samson. We need constant supply so we won’t become ex, Philippians 4:19, constant success, Philippians 4:13, we won’t to go through this life being an ex

  3. We bless God for his word…. Something to note to the managers of this channel- you allow way too many ads in your videos sermons and its extremely distracting. Many times I have had to go elsewhere because it just became unbearable.

  4. Deeper Explanation on New World and New World Order. Satan the lucifer imitates Almighty GOD in all things. GOD allows satan to know gradually up to 20% of GOD'S Glory, Wisdom, Mysteries, knowledge, Plans, Science and technology etc, to confirm I, the Wise. That is, foolish things of satan, GOD use to confirm all HE, GOD Almighty has taught Me from my childhood, and as related to Bible. For instance, the microchips to be use by satan and it agents as mark of the beast. Note that nothing was create or knows by lucifer the satan. Lucifer also came to Me live and direct with Three Golden Rings, and pleaded with Me to put on the rings on my fingers, and that I knew who I Am, my GOD given destiny already. And that I will become all that immediately, if I can obey him. I answered and said to satan that, I Am already married to Jesus Christ. It was greatest temptation as in Jesus Christ days, but satan was Again Defeated by GOD Almighty Grace. All things was created by GOD for a purpose. Now at the fullness of time when Righteousness hath over take the world, GOD will transform HIMSELF to MAN, Live with us, Rest and Sleep like Man, Travel to different nations with airplane and Enjoy All HE suffered to create. For this reason, GOD has created materials which we are to Perfectly Develop to replace GOD Eyes and Ears, to monitor every human such that no hiding place for sin and corruption, especially sin of fornication. And it will become the Mark of Jesus Christ on every human. All GOD'S Glory, Mysteries, Wisdom, knowledge will be released by GOD to Me, HIS Wife. Then from Me to my Wives, and to GOD children. This is one of the reasons why Christ Jesus called my Wives, Wise Virgins or Women, and called Me Faithful and Wise Servant. But for now, 20% of glory, knowledge, mysteries etc goes from GOD to satan, and is your science and technology People wants to believe, instead of believe in GOD maker of All Things. Visit my Facebook page Dikeaugustine4christkingdom.


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