You are watching RCCG MAY 3rd 2020 | PASTOR E.A ADEBOYE SPECIAL THANKSGIVING SERVICE Live from the Redemption Camp. #LetTherebeLight5 #RCCGOlineService #PastorEAAdeboye


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  1. To put it mildly I am always glad when I hear from my father in the Lord Daddy G. O and Mummy G. O may God Almighty Bless you and your family and may God Almighty crown all your effort over us your spiritual children and you shall finish well and finish strong IN the Matchless name of Jesus. Amen..

  2. Thank you Lord for Calvary. Thank you Jesus for the Blood that is still flowing today for the remission of our sins and for our salvation. Let your light shine in our lives in Jesus mighty name, amen

  3. God bless you Pastor, I declare a new life in my life, a new beginning in my life, I'm nolonger a slave to my past, I'm free from all satanic addictions and bondages by the power that's in the Blood of Jesus that shade on Calvary Amen and Amen.

  4. I thank Jesus Christ for Calvary.
    Thank You Lord Jesus for the Blood you shed at Calvary.
    Thank You Lord Jesus for Victory You gave to me.
    Without the Blood of Jesus, I am nobody.
    The Blood of Jesus made me Somebody
    And from Nothing to Something.
    Congratulations to all my Brothers and Sisters in Christ Jesus.
    Thank You daddy and Mummy G.O for all your prayers concerning us.
    Thank You Sir,
    Thank You Ma.

  5. Happy first Sunday in the month of May 2020 to my Excellent, special and Godly daddy and mummy.
    We shall see the end of the wicked in the 55 Nations of Africa.
    I trust the God of my Father and Beautiful mummy G.O . God will expose the enemy of Nigeria in Jesus Name.
    We rejoice at the month because, this MAY is Birth Month.
    God Almighty, please strengthen Daddy and Mummy to the end in Jesus Name.
    I soak RCCG worldwide with the Blood Jesus.

  6. All Praises to SOVEREIGN GOD ALMIGHTY for sending Our SAVIOR, FATHER, JESUS CHRIST for giving us HIS BLOOD. May SOVEREIGN GOD ALMIGHTY continue to use you Daddy for HIS Glory n Kingdom IN JESUS NAME AMEN.

  7. God bless you Father Adejare Adeboye! You will finish well and strong. I am blessed to be divinely connected to you, yours and all the great things you stand for. Blessings ALWAYS!


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