Pastor Chris"I am NOT human I am a god" – WORSHIP HIM? – BRG Analysis

pastorchris #brganalysis #iamgod Pastor Chris is quoted saying we are not humans and that the apostles were wrong for not …


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    If you read down the comments, there is a new Rapsody where he states what the apostles showed have said and it adds “Don’t worship me” but I guess you understood the analogy of this video .

    This video continues here.

    Pastor Chris “ I am a god”; Why he deserves worship – BRG Analysis

    You people know this is a discussion not a fight. I may not be right and your favorite may not be right but the goal is to make us research more ourselves

    Previous video mentioned here of Rev Yinka Yusuf –
    Apostle Joshua Selman Correcting Apostle Paul –

  2. I ampraying for your repentance because you want to make monet by twisting truth. How deceptive that can be. If Pastor Chris said he is God, he didn't say he alone. He read the scriptures and it said all of us. He didn't say we should worship him because he said so. It will help you to stop doing the work of the devil.

  3. Pastor Chris never said the Apostles stopping people to worship them was wrong but the fact that the apostles said they were humans and pastor Chris never said people should worship him.

  4. The misconception of your analysis is that if we take what Pastor Chris said to be true then you won't worship him because you are also God as all of us are born again by the Spirit of God…. I think people that worship their pastors just lack understanding

  5. You are unknowingly and delusional doing the devils work by discrediting God’s servants. So you mean when Paul rebuked Peter he was wrong. Pastor is pointing out what’s in the word of GOD and let me tell you one thing. Your words may be bringing judgement to you. JESUS SAID In Mathew 1:3, DO NOT JUDGE AND U WONT BE JUDGED. Pastor used the word of God and quoted scriptures, u are using heresay. Where did he say “worship me”, that’s the devils report, Believe Gods word and report.
    What does it profit a man to gain views and lose his soul…

  6. Let us imagine the disciples told the people "though we are gods, reserve your worship for God alone, but you too can become a god, if you follow Christ". It would be a bit confusing for the people who already had a disposition. I think they were right to let them know they were human as them, at that point in time. Being a god does not necessarily make them inhuman.

  7. I love you so much pastor and always will.
    And to u BRG we are in the last days, you should focus on preparing yourself for the rapture than wasting ur time judging God's anointed one. This is against the scriptures!!!!!

  8. George get it right. If God says we are His children and we are gods he is saying we are divine beings. But we are not to be worshiped like Him. From what you are saying if pastor Chris is saying scriptures that a child of God is a God that includes himself and all the member. So the idea that he wants people to worship does not come in hear. He is saying that every christian is a divine being. The issue of that apostle he was saying they should not have told the people that they are humans like them. Rather they should have said yes we are gods that is a divine being and you can be like us. He is not advocating that the people should worship the apostle.

  9. I'm God just in human form, but on the inside I'm different,I love you pastor chris.the author of this program is lacking the spiritual understanding of the word of God and alot of mental argument

  10. I am a god in this life. For as He is so am I in this world. Thank you for sharing that powerful video. Be careful in your analysis. I know you're been real, but there's nothing as real as the Word of God- He is our reality

  11. As much as I get what you saying, I believe you misunderstood what he said and linked 2 separate statements. I believe he references John 1:12 to show Christian nature not authority, hence he asked about a dog giving birth to dogs.

    As for the part of the apostles, I'd like to believe he was referring to them saying they are not gods. Whereas the Bible states otherwise.

    That's what I believe he was saying.

    I like you videos, because they don't show any sign of being biased and I'm not a member of his church but I do follow what he preaches so I somehow understood what he was saying. To those who misunderstood him, I'm hope they get clarity on the issue. Thanks

  12. George is a content creator, he just wants views he doesn't know what he's saying. He's lost because without the holy spirit you won't understand these indepth messages.
    When it comes to scripture he's a baby, what you need is the holy spirit 🙏🙏

  13. Sir, the problem here is that your understanding is wrong. Once you have the right understanding of what is being said then there is no issue. To begin, we are the seed of God. He is our father the same as you have a father that fathered you by his seed. This is why Jesus said, Do you not know that you are gods. Notice the spelling in the Word is with a small letter g. To further the understanding, it should be known that we are made in the image and glory of God our Heavenly Father. So like our father, we can speak in Faith and if what we speak lines up with the will of the Father then it will be done. If the Word is for one to be healed, then healing happens. Have you never seen a healing performed by a man using the name of his Father and his Son and his Spirit? You must also know what the Pastor is saying is that we are Spirits living in a human body. Pastor is speaking to the inner truth of our being and our existence. We are in fact gods. When one accepts his spiritual inheritance then he is elevated in his existence and can do what his Father says he can do. Recall this phrase, "The weapons we use are not carnal but Spiritual" Again, this is man's essence he refers to. But we know that we worship only the Father, his Son and Spirit as he is a triune God. Three in one. This is why Jesus was worshipped. He was also God incarnate. He said, "Have I not been with you so long that you do not know that when you see me you see the Father?" We do not worship a man for Father God is the source of Life and therefore worthy to be worshiped and praised. This is where the error occurs which proves the point that only God is the source and therefore he makes no mistakes. In our essence we are again spirit which belongs to the Father. We can only become elevated to sonship or daughtership but not Godship, for there is only one God. Here he has misspoken. He means well I'm sure. He is a dedicated vessel of the Father and used by the Holy Spirit. The miracles are quite real and irrefutable. Nevertheless, the greatest things a man or woman can discover is that once they learn all that is possible not just as a son or daughter, but as a Spirit being living inside a body, it then opens up new vistas in our thinking and understanding of things to explore. It becomes another level of excitement and exploration. We get further and passed the sin of Adam and those constraints/limitations we have. Remember Peter got happy and tested this with Jesus when he walked on the water until the natural mind kicked in and said, "Hey! Look at what your are doing? You can't do that! But he did it. God bless all.

  14. You are talking out of your knowledge not with God spirit, pastor Chris is trying to tell you that anything Jesus can do you too can do it, you are just trying to get followers , you are not God , brother go and win soul for God and stop judging people,

  15. HMMMMMMMMM,PST CHRIS didn't say the "pastor's " must be worshiped as God. Dat god he is referring to is all about the supreme nature of God dat dwell in us as a child of God.and not to direct any worship to any pastor. He want's us to know what we carry as a child of God. Pls know what you what as a child of God.You are made in His image.pls forgive me if am wrong with my own view.

  16. Dear Video Maker; if you would ever HUMBLE yourself and allow the spirit of the Word of God to govern you, you wouldn't find it difficult to relate with what Pastor Chris communicated in the clips you are showing here. Its all about consciousness of your true identity spiritually. I don't live by the words of any man of God. I live by the Scriptures. I know the Scriptures by myself cos I have studied and studied it for myself from Genesis to Revelation right from my teens and I still do that till today. And with all I know about the Scriptures, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING UNSCRIPTURAL ABOUT THE SUBMISSIONS OF PASTOR CHRIS IN THE CLIPS YOU SHOWED HEREIN. THEY ARE ALL IN LINE WITH THE SCRIPTURES…

    Let me bring out my points one after the other:

    1. Firstly, Pastor Chris NEVER SAID THE APOSTLES OUGHT TO HAVE ACCEPTED WORSHIP FROM THE LYCAONIANS AT LYSTRA! Nope, he NEVER said that. You see why its not good to do things the way some journalists do things erroneously in reporting and forming their news. They pick portions of a speech and mis-represent what the speech maker had conveyed. A times they do it in error, a times they do it intentionally. Politicians do that a lot too. YOU MUST BE WHOLISTIC IN LISTERNING TO SOMEONE SO YOU COULD GET THE GIST ARIGHT. Same with the Scriptures, you don’t study them in parts; YOU MUST STUDY IT GENESIS to REVELATION; else you may lose some gaps and mis-understand some stuff. WHAT PASTOR CHRIS IS CONVEYING HAS TO DO WITH ‘HUMANS vs gODS” AND NOT “WORSHIP vs NONE WORSHIP!’.

    2. Secondly, you don’t identify yourself with the lesser in an identity effort. How do I mean? When you meet a class of post graduates and you see them calling themselves FIRST SCHOOL LEAVING CERTIFICATE HOLDERS, or maybe self HIGH SCHOOL/SENIOR SCHOOL CERTIFICATE HOLDERS, you would be mad at them. Question; are they FIRST SCHOOL LEAVING CERTIFICATE HOLDERS (Primary School); sure, emphatically YES but they cannot or should not identify themselves with that. They are GRADUATES; FIRST DEGREE HOLDERS in that post graduate class. That is what they should identify themselves with; and not with the lesser Primary School Qualification. Again, if you are a Multi-Billionaire, you don’t identify yourself as a Millionaire, nope. Question, as a Multi-Billionaire, are you a Millionaire? Sure, emphatically YES. Every Billionaire is also a Millionaire but they cannot any longer identify themselves as Millionaires, the lesser; since they are already a Billionaire. Again, you are a Major General in an Army. You don’t identify yourself as a soldier. Are you a soldier? Sure, emphatically YES but when you are asked, you don’t say I am a soldier. You say I am a Major General! So, it would be improper for someone that is a “god” to identify himself as a “human” cos humans are junior to gods. So you identify yourself with the superior identity.

    3. Thirdly, similar to the ideas above, there’s this thing I use to say to people and publicly too and often people like you would always pick offence. I would say: “I AM A SPIRIT?” Somebody would be like, eeh what is this one talking like this, or what is he feeling like… But the question is, am I a spirit? Emphatically YES! I am a spirit, I have a soul and I live in a body. Now, we all know that if you are to place this 3 statuses in realms; the spirit would be first followed by the soul and then lastly, the body. So, why should I identify myself with the body? The consciousness of being a body would make you operate at the level of a body which is so so limited but the consciousness that I am a spirit would make me operate at the level of spirits which is far higher than the level of the flesh (the body). A similar stuff like this one also happens when they say someone has just died. I would be like, IT IS A LIE! HE IS STILL ALIVE!! And of the truth, I’m correct cos the so called person that they presumed dead is actually not dead. Only his body died. His soul and his spirit are still in tact. When a Goat dies, the goat is absolutely dead. That’s the end of that goat but when a person is said to have died, that person is not dead. He only dropped off his body (clothing) and transcended into another realm; TRANSITION INTO GLORY OR INTO GLOOM. Identity. What have you chosen to identify yourself with???

  17. One thing we need to understand is preachers are men too though it's God through them but these are men too and humanity is in them they make mistakes it's up to us to take the right and when we see wrong we forbear and move on and not try to make preachers as fake.

  18. One thing we need to understand is preachers are men too though it's God through them but these are men too and humanity is in them they make mistakes it's up to us to take the right and when we see wrong we forbear and move on and not try to make preachers as fake.

  19. The Glory the Apostles of Jesus carried was to turn people to God and not to any men and to turn people to Jesus for he is the door and no one goes to the Father except through Jesus Christ
    People must Worship and Praise God because He is the Creator, the Healer
    If any man Heals a person and in that process there is no Jesus or Our Heavenly Father involved
    That's pure witchcraft
    The Power and the Authority we have as Sons of God comes from Jesus
    If you worship a man and not Jesus you won't see heaven for that man have became your god your creator



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