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  1. Father help this man he mad at Sinach success smh I hope its not true cause I went on Spotify and he got albums out Loveworld singers. Pastor Chris you want ALL you going to loose ALL.

  2. True it has to be in the house of God but are they paid?the collection which were taken in the temple was meant to support those who serve in the house of it there now and how is the church going to support the singers there are things men of God are not talking about read about the temple of God in old testament they were meant to be paid for their ministry in the house of God.who is to be blamed,let us all take the responsibility of not doing the right thing

  3. The bible says that our gifts shall make way for us. It's not only in Nigeria now,what about Don Moen,etc. They've already made their money and fame. They're invited by the church and paid. Well thank God if he's saying it from the spirit bcos he's the main person that promoted such things. Another one is inviting comedians on exalted altars in our churches. This should stop forever. May revival really come to the church of God 🙏

  4. One wonders if this applies only to some workers in the Church while the pastors and priests are at liberty to collect offering and free styling with their ministry.

  5. Does this mean that people who have Sunday jobs must not go to work? How can God not help us live better and still worship him? The Church is not the building. Singers who are not singing gospel should not go to church then, it should work both ways, they should not even collect their tithe/offering from them because it seems they are not serving God since their ministration is not that of the church. I smell bitterness, worship leaders have been used by Church leaders for their personal ministry growth, Sinach has done that for years. The minute Church leaders cannot control you, they do these gimmicks and the church follows suit to ostracise you, gullible followers. Keep following these 'leaders' with personal agendas. You cannot stop what God is doing. Serving God is not by force, it is intentional and of the heart whether in Church on Sunday or not. Teaching is good, but you cannot do it under duress. What mess was in South Africa under your brother when you sent him overseas? Give the same grace, teach and bring them close. If they won't listen, sent them away and bar them from singing on your platform, not this gossip. It is like you are looking for sympathy, playing the victim. You sell books to the very same congregation, is that not a market, your congregation carry your books during the service , not even wait for the service to be over. What is that? It is the same market you are accusing others of doing.

  6. Nigerians lack understanding, music is an art, yes used to praise and honour God. Pastor Christ is sounding spiritual to some it's funny.Anyways what do I know. if they sing secular song, you will still complain .

  7. MY question is, are the singers went out to sing in the house devil? singing and worshipping is not part of ministering the word of GOD? which should be done anyway? is it only inside the church soul can be win through singing? dose it mean that no any other person in the church when they were out? confined in the church makes them to became stars? have you pastor Chris not move out and minister? I disagreed your opinion pastor Chris which will please them rather you see them disobey you as an authority man. A singer can go anywhere and minister to other people with singing and worshipping and more soul can be won. I remember when a gospel star singer came to our church , souls were won as they came to see the singer, today they remain worshipping GOD. Every one calling is difference, so mind your calling sir because if a went out to minister as a singer, other people are there to take over.

  8. Thank you for posting this message, however I am going to raise a few points I think are good for a healthy and balanced perusal of the matter.
    The church of Christ is not confined to one denomination. The body of Christ is global. The gifts and callings of God on our lives are for Christ 's glory alone. Christ is the one who DIED for our sins. No one else! So our FIRST allegiance should be to CHRIST.
    Sinachi, for instance, (sorry I don't really know the others, as I am not a member of your congregation) has been used by the Lord Jesus Christ to bless His body worldwide and bring much glory and praise to His name. She has been and is still being rewarded by the Lord as He deems fit. Whether or not she is remaining true to her calling is between her and the Lord who called her.
    One fundamental thing that needs to happen in all churches is mentorship. Passing the baton on to others to carry on the light. TRAINING others to take over where we have left off. I don't think that happens enough. We need to be thinking of the next generation of believers, choir members etc. What is happening with discipleship in or churches?

    It feels to me like there is some bitterness here. Not support.. I think we need to be careful as Children of God. Jesus warned us enough., you know as per 'Leaven".
    If we are to be effective as Christians in the world, we should hold one another up in prayer and not keep on pulling each other down.

    Also, a lot of the old songs do carry a lot of weight and are very meaningful. I am not saying all of them are. I wouldn't just ditch them all! There are times when you need to go back to the old! Remember the Scripture about 'the ancient landmarks'?
    Not everything that is new is good either. There are a lot of 'new' ideas coming out of everywhere that are unscriptural and heretical. Hmm..let us study the Word of God and spend time in The Lord's presence for our gift of DISCERNMENT to work!
    People should also be free to follow their calling without fear of being seen as 'unfaithful' to the 'church'' or the pastor. That would be a topic for another day.
    And we should be free to express our minds too and speak out when we feel something is not quite right. Hopefully, we are still like the Berean Christians of old, checking the Scriptures carefully to see if what we are being taught lines up with the Word of God? I mean, you don't have to take MY word for it.
    Just saying!

  9. Good but you pastors do not engage with the worshipers to use their gift to the Glory of God.The church remember it is not the four walls,same pastors are glorifying themselves by putting their names in pride before God .

  10. You're very correct sir. They get inspiration from God for new songs if they stick close to the source but they start singing on their own understanding immediately they shifted.

  11. When he is using his church as a personal carrer, what does he mean by that, so his church is the house of God, other churches are not house of God he is trying to stop them making money, like he is making money rhapsody and other things he is selling out to build his empire.

  12. Yes, music ministers should not neglect remaining rooted in church and ministering in their home choir but does this mean they cannot minister to the rest of the body of Christ, when we are one body when they are invited by other churches? That’s the part I quite didn’t understand.

  13. Ohhh thank you very much pastor sir for opening my eyes 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I repent from this day

  14. Pastor, thanks for sharing. However, pls continue to pray that your children's achievements will surpass yours & don't curse them directly or indirectly. Successful Music Ministers take time to study the word, fellowship with God & do a lot of research & self development. Pls dont underplay these in the lives of these Ministers. Consider a few of them like; Don Moen, Cece Winans, Toby Mac etc. Let us encourage their gifts by sending them into the larger world. The Lord will give you the wisdom to know how to engage them in your congregation whichever way the Lord wants them to function. Its a blessing that they probably discovered their gifts under your Ministry, but pls rejoice & encourage them to blossom & if God has blessed them into making it their career where they feed from, oh pls rejoice with them & let it be. We need to flood the world with our various talents as Christians, that is our market place & where the sinners are. There is so much to say about this video, but pls let the Holy Spirit guide, IJN Amen. (1 John 2:27)

  15. what about the pastors way can they not used the spiritual powers to do the work of GOD instead they enriching themselves flying in private jet living in big Mansions, is that the life Jesus living . wety one no go see for this world new God's on earth

  16. I only watched till about 3 minutes but I’d like to ask, what does he mean by use it only in the house of God, is he saying if you have a ministration in another place you shouldn’t go? That’s too shallow of a thinking cos lives are being touched by those ministrations whether outside your church or an event.


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