Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Finally Revealed His Relationship With Prophet TB Joshua In Ministry

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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Finally Revealed His Relationship With Prophet TB Joshua In Ministry


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  1. Old video friend. It's quite surprising that Christ Embassy members are the same ones lately publishing 'unreasonable' content about Pastor Chris. Is it all for the views or for the value Pastor Chris has given his entire life to build? Let these fellows run their races in peace. Publish uplifting content!

  2. Very true prophet tb Joshua was and is Senior and general prophet who imparted miraculous power to the junior pastor Chris oyakilome who is now ashamed of testifying this not even paying tribute to the general of God Senior prophet really !!!!!!!! shame upon alllllllll those so call servants of God

  3. No matter the negative things said about the two pastor's,I will never believe it…. because I have learnt a lot from these two wonderful ministers of God and pastor Chris has also used pastor tb Joshua teaching as an example in the church too
    So what's the problem with this country
    Can't we just stop the beefing and all
    If you don't like a pastor, keep it to yourself and God will do the judgement 🙏

  4. This is the PART II of my post. Continued here for reason of fit in the space allocated.

    I also remember the disciple said tb had a prayer hut that was meant to be off limits; however, one night in a moment of great stress, he went to look for joshua the hut. He got a shock. He saw tb joshua naked and standing before some photographphs pasted on the wall and tb joshua was obviously praying against the people in the photographs. The photographs were of Pastor Adeboye and other leading men of  GOD. 

    The water people would queue to buy or collect, was put into bottles from a well. Before the water was put in the bottles and given to the people, th joshua would first dip himself, naked, into the well and come out.

    Pastor Ladi Thompson published a book on all the revelations from various people. I don't know if it's still in print. 

    If all those were not enough, what I personally saw and heard, convinced me i.e. a former Minister of the Federal Republic, Alex Akinwale, gave as newspaper interview, praising tb joshua for healing him of a serious sickness. He said that he saw an angel come and touch his leg or whatever the body part was in which he had the illness; and he described the person angel as very short, "like a dwarf or pygmy." There is no angel of GOD so described in the Bible. GOD's angels are described always as magnificent and  terrifying in appearance. They are ALL extremely tall way beyond human height. What that now dead minister had an encounter with, was not an angel of the LORD. Some time after, his relatively new marriage (a short number of years) scattered and his wife left Nigeria for good. tb joshua was featured for a cover interview on Ovation magazine back those early days. He was asked about his salvation experience and when he gave his life to JESUS CHRIST. His answer? tb joshua said that he was born born again. Even I, as a baby Chriistian at the time (still learning and growing every day) needed no one to tell me that is impossible and it is COMPLETELY unScriptural. NOBODY can be born already born-again from the womb.  tb joshua was asked where he gave his life to JESUS CHRIST, what church, which pastor, who mentored him, which church he had worshipped at, etc, not only in that Ovation magazine interview but in other interviews. He was never able to give any answers to any of these questions. 

    This is just not possible as a genuine CHRISTIAN experience.

    Paul met the LORD, uniquely, on the road to Damascus. He left for the mountains (or was it the desert) of Arabia. No human contact for three years. Being taught directly by the Spirit of the LORD. But before that, the LORD bore witness of him to an elder of the early church, Ananias, and instructed him, against his will, to lay hands on Paul. Immediately from Arabia, Paul sought out Peter and met with him and the LORD's brother, James. Elders of the church. He told them everything and got their blessing for his work and calling.

    You see. Even with the liberty in the Spirit, even when not in orthodox denominations, there are still principles and procedures of the Faith which the HOLY SPIRIT would minister to someone in whom HE is actually dwelling, to do.

    One other thing that I saw was a video put out by synagogue, showing the supposed deliverance of a very young girl by tb joshua. The girl's legs and thighs were completely open, her skirt or dress had pushed up and her panties and private parts covered by the panties, could be seen openly; she was on the floor and was jerking and thrusting her pelvis non-stop, uncontrollably as if she was having demonized sex. The camera focused right on her private parts and open thighs. It was even zoomed in; and it stayed there; on that demonic, abominable lewd action that surely must have contaminated and polluted and transferred demons to everyone who watched that video. I looked at it for a few shocked seconds, I blinked (I could not believe such a thing was put out for public view) and I switched it off. No true man or woman or child of GOD, no true deliverance minister or pastor, no true shepherd of Christ's flock could neither would ever put out such a video. No true church or ministry of JESUS CHRIST, having JESUS CHRIST as its HEAD and completely operated and controlled and influenced by the HOLY SPIRIT OF GOD could neither would ever have cameramen or staff who would show such a thing, how much more zoom in on and stay focused on?  Such deliverance are done by deliverance ministers ONLY, in a group, compulsorily including pastors of BOTH genders, away from the eyes of the congregation, and the privacy of the delivered is preserved as much as possible. It is not the delivered manifesting at that point in time but demons who have possessed the delivered who came out for help and to be set free by JESUS CHRIST. This is why such people are shocked and remember NOTHING when informed afterwards of 'their' actions. It is only what one has done that one can remember. True deliverance ministers and pastors would also, immediately have paused the deliverance and gotten ankle-length clothing for that girl, which is the clothing true deliverance ministers and pastors of JESUS CHRIST forewarn deliverees to come clothed in. tb joshua controlled his video and media. He managed it personally. He was in charge of that video being recorded and put out on the internet. I knew, when I saw that video, that tb joshua was no child of GOD, how much more a servant or man of GOD. I knew tb joshua had not an iota of The HOLY SPIRIT of GOD in him. 

     “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ shall enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father in heaven. Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, cast out demons in Your name, and done many wonders in Your name?’  And then I will declare to them, ‘I never knew you, depart from Me, you workers of iniquity!" Matthew 7; 22 – 23.

    "Now for some time a man named Simon had practiced sorcery  in the city and amazed all the people of Samaria. He boasted that he was someone great and all the people, both high and low, gave him their attention and exclaimed, “This man is rightly called the Great Power of God.”  Acts 8 : 9 – 11

    This is not about a dead man. Or, Nigerian Pastors. Or, CAN. Or, PFN. It is about YOU. YOUR ETERNITY. 

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, I plead with you: it costs you NOTHING to go on a 3-day or 7-day or 21-day (or till you get GOD's answer) fasting and prayer before the ALMIGHTY  GOD with a completely humble and open heart and plead with HIM to reveal the Truth to you. Use the Scriptures Daniel 2:22; Ephesians 1:17; Psalm 25:14; Deuteronomy 29:29.

    "For false Christs, and false prophets shall appear, and perform great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect."  Matthew 24: 24

    Be not deceived.

    In JESUS' Name: AMEN.

  5. It is incorrect to say people are only speaking out after his death. There is a reason the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria and the Christian Association of Nigeria both absolutely refused have anything to do with him all these years and flatly denied him membership. They came out publicly and denounced him as an occultist. I am always incredulous at how human beings who supposedly have common sense could look at the likes of Pastor E. A. Adeboye, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, Pastor David Oyedepo, Rev. W. F. Kumuyi, Dr. Daniel K. Olukoya and Bishop Mike Okonkwo and say they are "jealous". They are not jealous of each other, but they are jealous of temitope fatai balogun? Can people no longer reason? On what parameters could they possibly be jealous? Is it membership numbers? Is it global presence? Is it  on media presence? Is it on institutions built and owned? Is it on organisational wealth? Is it on personal wealth? People should think. Even pastor Chris Oyakhilome that was involved in the issue at the time and against whose claim that t.b was not an occultist, the PFN and CAN firmly opposed and contradicted, and whose personal financial wealth is rated to be more than most if not all of the men of GOD I mentioned, and also has large number of numbers and international presence, etc, whilst they do not agree with all his views and doctrines he teaches, these Christian bodies and leaders have never said he is occult nor refused all association with him. They relate. Whilst they are still building their own Camp, CHRIST Embassy members stay at the RCCG Redemption Camp when they come for their programmes. The workers and engineers, contractors, etc stay at the RCCG Camp. They lodge at MFM Prayer City and Camps of these other churches. People should reason things very well. For their own good. Nobody else's.

    When t.b appeared on the scene about or over two decades ago, one after the other, from the beginning and over time in the early years, people close to him, people who had worked and associated the most closely to him, kept coming out over the years, to declare that he was occult.

    I remember reading the interview two men gave to the media. They said the two of them and the person calling himself temitope joshua were all very close and all associates working together using dark powers i.e. juju / voodoo. They said that suddenly, tb went missing. He wasn't  showing up. They checked him at home; no one knew where he'd gone, when he would return. For months he was gone. No trace. They said all of a sudden they got the news that he had started a church, synagogue; they said they went to meet him and told him to let them in on where he went to get the new, additional power, expecting that the three of them would carry on together in the new business like they had been doing. They said t.b refused to let them in on the new business, he wanted to go solo. I can never forget. Those two men said that they were telling the world so that people would know he was fake and that his powers were occult, not because they cared anything about people, not for any humanitarian reason but that all they wanted was that since he refused to allow them to come and chop from the new business, they wanted to spoil it for him. They also  said that they did their investigations and had discovered where he went to get the new power. They said the name of the goddess and the river and place but I am not occult and it was decades ago, none of the names they mentioned were names I had heard before, none of those well-known names, so I don't remember now. I remember very well he never came out to denounce those two men.

    The disciple closest to him, saw and experienced so many things. He escaped and ran to Rev. Ladi Thompson's church. People at the church who had also been former members of synagogue, when they started seeing him kept warning Pastor Ladi very seriously about him and to be very careful, that he must have been sent by joshua to kill him. They told Rev. Ladi he was the closest to tb joshua. That disciple is the same person t.b joshua told Steve Strange (is that his name?) of Charisma magazine, the international or American Christian magazine, he had never heard of in his life, in an interview. 

    I don't  remember the disciples name. He exposed so many things. It was at Rev. Ladi's church he truly gave his life to JESUS CHRIST. He revealed mysterious deaths. A worker building the altar, carpenter  or somebody, the body was found on the altar. A girl whose father was a general or something. Died mysteriously. Her body was carried out and dumped in town, under a bridge or someplace. Her father came, raging, his investigations revealed his daughter died in synagogue. t.b joshua just played him a video of his daughter claiming her father used to rape her. The disciple said he didn't understand what used to happen. How t.b joshua used to do it. He said people would come about one thing, then t.b joshua would have them go on video saying all manner of strange things that were not what they had said initially when they came. He spoke about the various women. He spoke about the pastor whom joshua sent to Ghana and started sleeping with; how she became pregnant; how t.b sent for her husband; how the husband did not come; how t.b sent messages; no reply; I don't remember who spoke to the guy, that he sent a text message that t.b thinks he can do him like David did Uriah, and that he was not coming back and that t.b should not bother to try to send his armed goons/assassins to kill him nor to attack him spiritually because he was ready for them all. The disciple said the pastor's wife became obviously heavily pregnant. Mysteriously, she died. Twice, the disciple tried to marry.  t.b did not want him married. Twice he introduced women to tb joshua as his fiancé, twice, each woman thereafter died. The third time, he did not tell tb beforehand but married the woman who is his wife today  before telling tb joshua. The spiritual attacks after were something else.

    There are so many things he and some other former workers came out to say and expose. They not only gave very lengthy, highly detailed interviews to the print media but they also recorded themselves on an about 16hour long video. These people said they had truly come to know JESUS CHRIST for real, and that they knew tb joshua was after their lives, so, in case anything happened to them, they were doing EVERYTHING to ensure they had gotten the truth out. There even used to be a website which was all about tb joshua where all these former disciples, workers, members said the truth and facts they knew and had experienced or witnessed. It was called or .net or something. Now after his death, his former secretary (she spoke for years before his death too) and driver have said his DNA should be collected before burial as he had at least one illegitimate son and a shrine on the altar of synagogue. Can people not ask themselves why people the closest to this man, disciples, staff, keep coming out across the years with these different revelations but still the same claim of occultism? 

    This post is in two Parts. I'll write the remainder in a new, fresh comment for reasons of fit in the space allocated.It is

  6. So you speak for pastor Chris cause there's no original voice for him find another way to make money leave the men of God alone where the live or die it's glory of God ,God put us in families so are also spiritual family some they are TB Joshua some pastor Chris etc the master is Jesus whom they preach make no difference

  7. If we can practise what TB was doing with all our hearts we wont mis Heaven at last ,people who cant even send condolences to the wife and children ,Father open our spiritual eyes before it's late Lord in Jesus Name ameeen

  8. Powerful answers from Pastor Chris. Anywhere Christ was hated and so are His Servants, Prophet TB Joshua and Prophet Chris. People are not Shamed to even carry on barking about God's general who slept. Shame on them. They must repent while its still early. Time is running out.


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