100% works in 8 minutes! Say this sacred prayer for healing. It’s a cleansing prayer which can be said during a limpia healing or novena, along with bible verses.

When Padre Pio prayed for someone, he said this powerful prayer

Normally, when someone asks us to pray for a specific intention, we have our “head” prayer. It can be the Rosary, an Our Father, or simply a sincere prayer to God.

Saint Pio of Pietrelcina (more commonly known as Padre Pio ) had his favorite prayer that he prayed for everyone who asked for his prayers.

Every day many people, either in person or by letter, asked Padre Pio to pray for a specific intention and many times this intention was miraculously answered by God.

Below is the prayer that Padre Pio prayed every time he wanted to intercede for someone.

The heart of Jesus is full of love and compassion. And this prayer trusts in that love, believing that he is tender enough to generously give our request, if it is in his holy will.

Above all, one must pray with sincere faith, as Padre Pio would have prayed, and not as a magic formula.

God is not a genie who grants us the wish we ask for, but responds with love to a child who asks for something, knowing exactly what we need.

Darius Wallis


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  1. Lord stay with my daughter nats onher job heal every part of her body take away the lump from behind her ears and take away the swollening from her arm in jesus name and touch and heal my grand daughter from IBS please heal her body in jesus name amen


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