Observations About the Ravi Zacharias Scandal One Year Later

For more information, read Forensic Faith: A Homicide Detective Makes the Case for a More Reasonable, Evidential Christian Faith (http://amzn.to/2Bvkyv4)

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Why Understanding Criminal Motive Is So Important to Christians

It’s been over a year since the final report about Ravi Zacharias was released. What can we learn from the scandal? What can we do to prevent others from falling in a similar way? J. Warner and Jimmy Wallace discuss recent news articles in this episode of the NRBtv Cold-Case Christianity Broadcast.


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  1. As part of the evidence a few things was not found! Has anyone decided to contact his son he has a blog and instagram account. Why has not the cold case contacted him about it? They all said the fabrication put on Ravi is false like the so called pictures they checked his phone none was phone.

    Also did you know of the legal report by the extortion of money by the Thomson?

    If the allegation are true no piece of evidence has been public revealed and if its true why not go to court over this so the evidence can be scrutinize.

    Easy to attack ravi when he is dead and cannot defend himself
    Easy to attack Ravi when poor Magie was evicted from where she stayed from RZIM and no one talks about it.

    You better be sure the condemnation is correct on Ravi cause if one its revealed that you all got it wrong you will have to repent and make sure this thing never every happen again.

    We just do not have enough evidence to condemn Ravi cause investigation was all private. And no evidence was revealed.

  2. Ravi’s problem came from putting too much accent on bright logic used to justify God. Apologetics involve logic. The danger in spending too much time in apologetics is that it actually distancing you from God instead of making you to “walk and have a personal relation” with God. I personally stoped watching apologetics and logical debates on God when I started to feel that these actually distance me from God.
    On the topic of disappointment: indeed was very hard to see Ravi’s image falling from height. However we should not forget, that we are all sinners and that also those who were spying and investigating on Ravi’s life might have similar sins but none cares to discover them. And last point: it is easy to find errors on someone when you know the standard he relates to. While it is difficult to judge someone who has no reference or a very loose reference standard.

  3. It is not uncommon now for professing christians and churches to identify with a dynamic, skilled speaker under some kind of "cult of personality," as J. Warner Wallace identified it. Zacharias was one of those people. The messenger was above the message.

  4. Red flags
    1) eloquent speech emphasized over the simple gospel, 1 Corinthians 2:1-5
    2) takes 10 minutes to explain simple things like the fact the Bible says homosexuality is wrong
    3) spas
    4) the (possible) real number 1: what was his church fellowship life like?

    1 Corinthians 2:1-5
    2For I decided that while I was with you I would forget everything except Jesus Christ, the one who was crucified.

  5. Bible is full of Ravi Zacharias that you all still look up too. King David: Committed sins of adultery, deception, and murder in the story of David and Bathsheba. Paul Murdered, Harassed, and Persecuted Christians in the early Church. Peter Denied Jesus three times. Rahab was a Prostitute. The list goes on.

  6. I remember watching Ravi talk several years ago, and often mentioning being gone from home months at a time.
    Back then, I knew nothing about scandals but I remember wondering how he could handle being gone from his wife for so long.

  7. Do you have the allegations of where his soul is so long…RAVI'S SOUL .I believe, even though I'm ain't knowledgeable much but let's not take GOD position if it comes to judgement.We will speculate more stories but of what benefits.Where he's sleeping nobody knows what happened who took his soul whilst resting not even his family knows.WHO r we to condemn

  8. If you look at his conversion testimony there is nothing about turning from sinner to saint. It's just about turning from depressed and suicidal to having purpose. He was probably never a Christian.

  9. We can learn that people will believe anything that they want to hear. Religion and politics both run on fear and anger under the guise of caring about people and society. The human tendency toward self-delusion is far more powerful than we want to admit.

  10. The whole debacle made me so sick. Ravi's man made "wisdom" helped me out at a time when I was struggling with agnosticism. But in the end it's only the preaching of Christ crucified that saves the human soul. He never preached Christ. He preached around Him and about Him sometimes. But mostly he preached his own "wisdom" not based on scripture. And he quoted Muggeridge and Chesterton far more than actual scripture. I hate to say it but apologetics cannot ever take the place of preaching Christ crucified. Apologetics alone has enormous appeal and is very popular nowadays, but it only leads to mental converts, not genuine heart converts.

  11. I was really saddened by Ravi's fall. Only Jesus's knows where his heart actually lay. I'm really sad but I can rely on Jesus and will leave the outcome to Him and the Father.

  12. Although I've been Saved since 1/5/1997, I was backslid for most of that time. It wasn't until late September 2018 that I came back around to trying to be a Christian. I invested in Audible books and YouTube videos to learn as much as I could. Ravi was one of the first Apologists I came across. I remember posting in one of my classes at Regent University in early 2019 that I would like to be an Apologist like Ravi and a few others. It is sad to see a person that you admired and looked up to be involved in such a horrendous scandal.

  13. Who investigated the investigators? Just a question. I'll wait. By the way, if anyone does happen to share this information here, also please attach to it that … before the LORD, you stand behind the investigators of the investigators, should they all be in agreement. Let's just make sure our records are together, before the LORD and his divine council.

    And to be clear: for the record, my position is not on either side of the issue. This is a situation where I'm gathering information. Thanks to any who want to weigh in, under my stated conditions. Otherwise, it's not addressing my post and should be disregarded by the discerning.

  14. To me, Ravi use to be one of those guys that I'd be tempted to put too high on a pedestal. If I had been asked to name one prominent Christian figure that I had no doubt was 100% genuine, there's a good chance that I would have named Ravi. Then one day, it seemed out of the blue, something dawned on me; a predominate part of his speaking style was to gradually increase his cadence and his volume in a rhythmic way as he was making a particular point, whipping up the intensity of the crowd toward a climax where everyone would stand to their feet and give applause and I'm pretty sure he'd do this repeatedly over the course of the presentation. It seemed to me he was manufacturing it in an almost hypnotic way and everyone would applaud right on time when he would subliminally cue them to do it. I didn't want to believe it. To a non-believer it would seem silly even to be concerned about this, but a believer knows that when one is speaking in a ministry role, seeking applause is not an insignificant fault. I thought then (and still wonder) if I misperceived the situation, but after that thought came upon me, I always had a question mark in my mind about his heart and no longer enjoyed listening to him (rightly or wrongly). I say this not to toot my horn as if I'm so discerning, but to praise God for giving me a gift of some measure of discernment. It felt more like a revelation rather than something I worked out in my brain because of the suddenness that the realization popped into my mind.

  15. Thanks for drawing out lessons to help any man who is willing to work out his salvation with fear and trembling. Power, money and sex guard rails are the same God warned future kings in Deut 17:14-20 to pay attention to as they obey scriptures for their good and the good of their people.

  16. I don't know what to think considering his own wife and son have said SINCE everything was allegedly exposed that they personally don't believe he did anything, because all the investigation shown is that certain individuals did send him inappropriate material but that he deleted it— it doesn't necessarily mean that he participated or responded. Yet that's what so many people want to believe.

    That being said, even if he did do what he's accused of doing, those were his sins and his relationship with Jesus Christ Almighty God was his own— and it's a bit sad that we as Christians focus on everyone else's sins than our own.

    I often wonder what Christianity so many of my fellow Christian's are following or what Bible they have read because time after time after time Father Jehovah, Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit All Three in One and One and the Same Who Are the One and Only True Living God chose broken men and women to lead people to Jesus Christ Almighty God and I suspect the reason for that is because real recognizes real, and you know the truth when you hear it from people who have lived both sides of the tracks.

    No, I'm not turning a blind eye to sins or condoning sin— sin is sin and we need to speak out against it and warn the world against normalizing what is sinful— however, whether he really did these things or didn't we need to be ever mindful as children of Jesus Christ Almighty God to not be unmerciful and to not get involved in gossip and being apart of a worldly mob set out to discourage and destroy our fellow Christians because nobody is as they should be and never will until we leave this world to be with Jesus Christ Almighty God forever and always 😊

  17. The bigger Christians that have influenced my faith the most are Ravi, Kent Hovind, Joel Richardson, Nelson Walters, Frank Turek and J Warner Wallace. If you mention any of these in atheist circles they are immediately triggered (especially the first 2).

    Personally, I don't care what happens in their personal life. A lot of the characters in the bible did terrible things and satan wants people to focus on the bad so you dont hear the good.

    I haven't heard the case against Ravi. Idk if it's true or not. I don't see how that makes anything Ravi has said in his seminars or his books wrong. If we ignored everything Moses said because he murdered someone or ignored everything Noah said because he was a drunk, or the story of Uriah's wife. Even Sampson being an idiot and falling for Delilah's tricks was used for God's glory. Peter denying Jesus 3 times was still a disciple for Jesus that was still a teacher to us.

    I've never understood Christian's gripes on preachers like they're supposed to be as perfect as Jesus to gain respect. And Ravi is evidence of that. It's like God allowed this to happen so that Ravi didnt end up being propped up at a saint or glorified. Ravi's name being dragged through the mud is a way of God knowing who was really listening and who was just there because of Ravi.

  18. I still have difficulty believing that this is true of Ravi Zacharias. We know the potential for depravity even of the best men. It is also possible in my mind that those who desire to see the destruction of effective Christian personalities could fabricate a smear so convincing that even his own family, friends, and business believe it. As far as I know, his wife doesn't.

  19. What took place with Ravi Zacharias is the same thing Billy Graham avoided by writing & signing the Modesto Pact with his ministry. Billy understood the temptations that “could” come their way.
    What concerns me with Ravi is the following he had. How many people put stock in him? How many baby Christians were there that he shattered? SMH Ravi gave Christianity two black eyes!!

  20. Just as damaging, according to the New York Times, William Lane Craig has expressed troubling doubt about the virgin birth.
    His science over scripture posture has proven toxic to his faith.
    This seems to be a problem with many old earthers, they just can't believe what's plainly written and as time goes on their faith rots.

  21. Especially when you start to reach that type of status, you have to remember to glorify God and magnify Jesus. The Lord God said I will exalt the humble and bring down the proud. On a side note, it's important to have an accountability partner that would not be subject or be intimidated by someone's status in the ministry.

  22. I’m Malaysian (Ex Mormon). When I was investigating the truth he was one of the first person(s) I found on the internet. When he came to Malaysia I was excited to go listen. He came with Nabeel Q and they both spoke. I didn’t understand at that time but there was a difference between the two when they spoke. Nabeel was filled with the spirit but Ravi wasn’t.

  23. When I saw this email pop-up in my inbox, I wondered if I was ready to read/listen to it.
    Ravi was brilliant! He defended the faith with eloquence, authority and flair. I was drawn to his arguments for the Christian Faith and even more so to the depth of his story telling. Even as I listened to this clip, tears came to my eyes because I've asked God over and over again, "WHY Lord?" He knew better! He knew so much and still! WHY!!?? It still hurts but I also remember that Judas sat at a table with Our Lord Jesus Christ and STILL betrayed Him!

    I'm mature enough to know that, as the saying goes, you don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. I was more concerned about the many hearts that came to the Lord Jesus under his ministry and also the impact this would have on other defenders of the faith like you. I wondered if this would rock your faith or Abdul's faith but I know that after being an atheist for many years, you came to accept Jesus Christ after realizing that the gospel is TRUE!! Even though this happened, it does not and CANNOT discredit the gospel. It cannot make untrue what IS TRUE! The Bible tells us that EVERY knee will bow and EVERY tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord; and so yes, that includes Ravi's. It's just really sad that this ended up the way it did but hopefully, we will ALL learn from this that the devil still aims high and no one is outside of his scope. The devil will do anything to make people question the veracity of Christianity and targeting someone who has such a far reach of souls is undoubtedly a cunning yet brillant tactic by the enemy of our souls. Hence the Bible warns us to be sober and vigilant. For as a roaring lion, the devil seeks whom he may devour. I Peter 5:8

  24. This is the first I heard of this. I used to listen to him but feels that he speaks over my head. This is such tragic. I was so sad why God would take Nabeel Qureshi so soon. He was on fire for God, Seeking Allah Finding God, but it is to his benefit he died a few years into his ministry. RZ, The longer we live the more sins we commit. It’s a lesson to not exult any man, only God. Always test what they say to scripture. Jesus said, “So practice and obey what they tell you, but don’t follow their example. For they don’t practice what they teach.” Mat 23. 1-3. Love my God, full of wisdom❤️. Blessed are those apologists who die young for they will remain pure in heart for the Lord. May God watch over you both and keep you pure in heart. You are needed for such a time as this. Remain faithful people, his reward is not just heaven, His blessings are abundant on earth to those who believe and remain faithful. I am a recipient and a witness to this truth.

  25. Ravi was a really important speaker to me in my early years as a Christian. He helped bridge the mind and the heart like no other could. I'm quite impressed by Bishop Barron nowadays who does a similar thing. Anyway, I started to drift away from his podcasts as I felt he was just trotting out the same lines. He seemed to have lost his passion but his arguments and observations were strong and remained relevant. I came to the conclusion he was just coasting to retirement. Now I know what had happened. He had become compromised by sin in quite a terrible way. Sadly it seemed to make sense of what I'd been feeling about his ministry for a few years before his death.

  26. One could narrow the list of “deadly sins” down to only 3 from 7 — pride, lust, and greed — given that it’s those 3 that serve as root causes, even root causes of the other 4 in virtually all cases.

  27. I didn't know about this. Interesting but reading through some of the documents as a layperson is revealing. The texting is condemning and that seems like suitable evidence but reading through…the allegations of unwanted touching is more of a he said she said. Considering the power and influence he had, it'd be no surprise at all to think that a person could be motivated by money to make those kind of allegations against a person who has passed on and not here to defend himself. A person who probably has some money in his estate that could be tapped into to make allegations like this "go away". True or not, he died in May of 2020 and the report didn't come out until Feb. of 2021. There was no trial so to talk in terms of Ravi's "criminal" behavior is a litte confusing to me. Is a man not considered innocent until proven guilty?

  28. The Three Temptations All of Us Face: Money, Sex, or Power. My first thought was what about young kids but then I realize that they misbehave in order to gain power even if they don't realize that's what they are after.

    I think what was the saddest part about Ravi was that there were actually clues earlier on and yet people either gave him the benefit of the doubt or they just couldn't believe it about him. It grieves me how his ministry ended up so tainted and what is so extremely sad is how much his family doesn't want to believe any of it. I feel like he groomed his wife to not question him and to believe him no matter what. My husband would not be able to own or go to massage parlors on his own as much as he did or go and live by himself to write for such extended periods of time in a different country, etc. Not that I don't trust him but some things are just not good for marriages and breed temptations.

  29. Public figures religious and non-religious are under attack by the adversary more than those not in the limelight. Many religious figures have fallen. Therefore, let's pray for those Christian leaders who are on the front lines. No one is immune to these atracks.

  30. Unfortunately, human nature is such that we tend to judge the Message by the character of the messenger, especially when it comes to matters of faith. In many cases it's a sound judgement, but in this case the Message is sound, but the messenger was deeply flawed, and many of his flaws weren't discovered until after his death. The truth will always be revealed.
    A lot of people were deeply impacted by Ravi's hypocrisy and I suspect some may have turned from their faith as a result. I hope anyone who pulled away from the Word as a result will put aside the flaws of the messenger and come back to their faith as they look upon the perfection of the Message.

  31. Solid analysis.
    One component that you touched on in a moment here with celebrity and influence was, people becoming attachet to paul or others in the new testament.
    I would say a large part that fuels power in many ways is humans natural tendency towards tribalisim. We often see people offering more slack to those they feel in a tribal unity with than others who are not. From sports fans, to followers of different Christian doctrines we all naturally stick with our tribes. Which makes it very easy to offer more power and less scrutiny to those within our groups.


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