Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias we love and miss you.


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  1. I met him..not personally…but through his many talks sermons over a year ago.. I felt that I could no longer feel Jesus in my heart..a 20 yr addiction had me hanging by a thread.. I heard his personal testimony..realized God had not left me.. So I searched for all his talks sermons I could find..saved in my YouTube library..171 of them. And I had not been on YouTube for awhile this spring and when I turned in.. He had died..I cried for weeks. I saw the love for Christ he had and for all mankind. And I didn't get to let him know I like the prodigal son..daughter in my case..I had returned..I know the Word of God but I have been tossed about by so many winds of doctrines.. Listening to Ravi that first night a year ago..I heard the truth from the word of God in his sermon that night. I contemplated taking my own life many times years ago..even attempted at 14..but I was blessed with five children who gave me nine granbabes and I thought how selfish of a terrible heartache I would have left them with. God bless and keep his family and may his ministry carry on reaching the younger generation that have been turned away from our Heavenly Father and His Word. I think of what Paul said to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. He has received that promise Jesus told his apostles when they were heart broke that He was leaving them.. "I go to prepare a place for that where I am ..there shall you be" 💔

  2. Death is a punishment we inherited from Adam and Eve not a reward to go on living somewhere else -the liar Satan told Eve if she disobeyed her creator she would not die-Gen 2:16,17 where is Eve today? She got the punishment her creator told her she would get non existence from dust you were created and to dust you will return Gen 3:19 -Ec 9:5,6 but since Adam’s offsprings didn’t choose this punishment for themselves our loving creator made arrangements to rescue us by means of his son Jesus Christ John 3:16 to benefit from that rescue mission each person have to do what John 17:3 says for more information on how to go about getting assistance please visit JW.ORG and learn about the wonderful hope of the resurrection. Ps. 8318

  3. There are only a handful of true men of a God that I would listen and watch with a open heart and mind and this Man was one of them I watch until this day and I thank God for him. GB

  4. My wife, a woman of God, told me she had a dream. She was in what looked like an auditorium/ theater/ book hall, with a female friend. She was standing with this friend on the second of three balconys looking down at the main area. In the main area, there were people in deep discussion that were chatting with one another. She then clearly heard a familiar voice, Ravi's voice. She looked down, noticing Ravi in deep conversation with a white haired man. She told her friend "Look that's Ravi, he is really good" The friend didn't care for the conversations taking place and walked off. She then found herself in a "cats eye" view, looking up at Ravi and the other person as they were in deep conversation.

    One thing that was very peculiar and quickly stood out to her was that Ravi looked young. He looked to be about his mid thirties… She then woke up. I can only imagine the deep thought and conversations Ravi is having now.

    We are in a dream now. Reality awaits…May the Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.


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