No temptation has overtaken you | Pastor Steven Furtick

What you’re escaping to may be the very thing holding you hostage.

This clip is from the message “The Way of Escape.” To watch the full message, click here:

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  1. Temptations can open the door to the Mountain of fire. Better start forgiving others because both that & unbelief will keep you trapped and you're gonna deal with that down below if you're not careful. It's a place of something been forgotten, the Sins that get wiped out. But in that place of torment, it doesn't forget and does NOT forgive! You should be grateful for the Life you have, and what a lot of you have stored up is meaningless. Everyone's a sinner now, no getting away from it unfortunately.

  2. I rewatched the first minute and 15 seconds about 5 times. God lead me here. Im struggling and escaping to and from something that has/is trying to enslave me. It took me way too long to realize its the devil that is in the way of improving and strengthening my faith. As obvious as it may seem in hindsight, he is a master of deceit. I'm enjoying watching this. Thank you.

  3. Everyone that sees this comment, plz pray for me because I fall into temptation a lot and I want to over come it but it’s very hard. I’ve been struggling with my relationship with God since 2020 and I jus hope to get my fire back for him soon. Plz pray for me. I hope y’all all doing good within yourself and Christ❤️❤️

  4. What your escaping is the very thing holding you hostage, well put. Particular with addiction and gluttonous behaviors, then the shame begins, the lies need to be maintained, sins that leave you ashamed to face the lord and seek forgiveness. Then it becomes something you run to, to run from all of the shame. Just stay clean people.

  5. I don’t know if anyone ever thought about this…but an added point that Jesus was also was given FREE WILL…and he CHOSE US! Thank you GOD for sending your SON! GOD gave JESUS a CHOICE too, Thank you for loving ME despite my weaknesses.

  6. Thank you so much pastor Steven extend my warmest greetings to ma'am holly and your kids. Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year 2022.take care with your family circle. Forgive me all my sins, Amen.

  7. Brothers and sisters please pray for me. Temptation blocks my love for God and clouds my judgment. Leading me to missing church and missing prayers. I want to get closer to God and stop letting my environment curve my values and choices.

  8. .I have my back so hard against my seat in the car and my feet as far out as they go wll the time. It's gettingold .I watched Dysfunctional Comfort and Before and After today, amazingness. I'm convinced, I recall my purpose with more detail..this morning, after something you said about purpose, and whatever I was stressing about at that moment was a piece of pie..thank you. I appreciate your sermons

  9. I think most of us were taught that IF we don't sin then we're entitled to God's grace. (Religion 101) but that's NOT what the scriptures teach. We are not under the law, but under grace. Acknowledging this forever delivers us from the grip of sin. (Romans 3&4)
    Remembering that… it is for FREEDOM that Christ has set us free!!! (Gal5:1) AMEN

  10. Sin making me hating everything, suicidal thoughts, everything bad, i just want to tell people who still have a beautiful life not to be caught by the monsters of sin, pray for me please, maybe one day, i will find a way out. ❤️

  11. My husband is an addict, he has begged me to listen to your message , I was born and raised in the south. So I thought I've always known more…..I obviously dont….god please pray for my husband and I….I am not worthy jesus….and I do not not know your will….but I always be there and not question it

  12. Am hungry and the devil knows it!!! What can I do?
    I read the Bible daily I pray kneeling on the floor I listen to at least 1 sermon daily I gather in a church community each week! Yet I keep falling cause am freakin hungry in the wilderness. Any help please?

  13. I get so full and my spirit and my whole body become so close to Jesus and our Father while I listen to you. Thank you for brining me closer even when it's been a whole day since I opened my Bible and it feels like a month has gone by. I needed Jesus and he sent you pastor.


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