No Receipts, No Respect – Bishop T.D. Jakes

Do you know the value of your wounds? In John 20:19-31, Jesus shows the disciples the scars on His side and hands because …


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  1. What is fasting for your health? Its not really fasting you are allowed to eat in a certain window of time but you are asting usually one or mfre meals a day and giving your body an digestive track a break n most of that break you will be sleeping anyway. tnhere are tons of books now about the physkiologvy of fasting there has ndev er bdeen before. And to ,many things I thought wdere spiritual were ac tuallhy common gto all humans spirit filled ofr not and that is a good tbhing. It will boost your immune system and hit your bodies reset button.

  2. I had a good report from PHYSIC AL AS i BEEN FASTING AND TIME RESGTRICTED EASTING ALL YEAR AS MY A1C WAS HIGH AROUND 12-13 BUT i LOST WEIGHT HEY UNDER 200 LBS i CANT REMEMBER BEING THAT LOW AND MY AQ2C WAS 7 HALILUEIAH BT5HYAQT IS CFAUSE FOR CELEBRATION TO ME. BUT i CONTINUE ON MY KETO CARNIVOR TYPE DIEST. nORMALLY i SKIP BREAKFEAST NO CARBS ALLOWED i CAN EAT BREAKFEAST AS LONG AS ITS AKLL PROTIEN BACON SAUSAGE AND EGS NO BREAD AND YOU CAN EATY till your pleasantly stuffed. Bugt mainly is just bullet proof coffee in gthe morning n dont eat til after noon wbhewn ever protien no starch and a small salad. I know sounds tough but it works for me an d I can eat no later thde 8pm for dinner. mostly protien ND n d veggies cruciforous mainly. But its the first diet type thing that has ev er worked aND YES I do cheat occasionally. As lon g as I get back on track asap. Ill take that a1c of 7 any day compared to what it was and preparing to start losing limb s likde toes and feet. If any doctor wants you on insulin you bdettder wake up and smell the cocffee you need to lose weight and insulin will make you gain weight. Sometimes you gotta say no tlo your doctor I know that is a hard thing to do bjut when they are leaqding you doswn a road that benefits them and not you you need to look around and make somde hard desc isions to takde back ciontrol of your health and life. Fasting is tough but it is possiblr to gainm back your health by skipping one meal a day we been lied toabout a lot of medical things and nutritional things. Diabetes is not a chronic worsening disease it is actually cureable just get bariatric surgery and you diaqbetes will disappear every time. The only other way is fasting stop eating and give your body more timde to digest things pfroperly ofr give your intestinal tract a break. Qui9t eating foods with lectins kin them that destroy your stomach lining and gut bacteria. And there are many common foods that do thyis that we think are healthy. . Juswt my two cents the apostlde njimmy its a FIGHT TO STAY healthy.

  3. This will be my best life. Given a second chance to make God dreams for me and my kids come true. That you God for being my father and provider and for all your grace and mercy 🥰🥰🥰😍

  4. Lord we need you now more than ever. Amen. 🙏!!!!

    Oh heavenly Father, we pray for world peace among the lands. Lord God, I ask that you guide us along the way. Prompting us to select your ways then that of our own. I ask that you protect us, shield us from danger and that of evil and Wickedness.

    Father, for it is your will. It shall be done. Amen. 🙏

  5. Pastor oh my You are Simply Amazing and So Speechless, Thank God for You ♥️ Lord Jesus so on point Amazing I've learned from your teachings and grew from your Suffering. Since 2013.

  6. Also condemned the guiltless i didn't commit adultery like I was accused of yet they chose to kill me anyway. His evil scheme because he thought I cheated was to have his rich friends judge me after I climbed out from under the car they agreed so Daniel 3 17-18 can't get the medical care I need because I'm not doing that again and God does not expect me to. Made of fact the doctors and the church I attended for many years are on his banned list. I love Steve Furtecks joke about the church , I don't know i haven't been there. Well in this case Jesus has left the building. Worst news is right after I had the car dropped on me I had the vision of being bidden to the table. I have prepared my sacrifice and bidden my guests. I desired mercy and not sacrifice. Oops they pretty much sacrificed me. Song We are bound. The word also said beware not to fulfill the words of the prophets. Looks like someone tried to make sure they hit every book. Naughty boys.

  7. Hes up to something all right, crushed under a car that took out my shoulders, my pelvis, on my birthday 3 years ago i used a ladder that collapsed and reinjured the pelvis compound fractured my ankle and still in the ladder I tangled crashed 20 feet to the ground. Got lit on fire only to have it instantly go out as the flames were just starting to rage. Still have that because it has a left handed six finger hand print. While getting my Healthcare they defiled the temple and on and on it goes. I should be dead but still walking around. 3 years of bleeding from kidneys, hope it doesn't turn into 12


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