Nigerian Pastors SHAMED For Snubbing Not Attending Prophet T.B Joshua’s Burial

Apart from the Synagogue Church of All Nations, members who gathered to pay their last respect to the cleric who during his life touched the lives of many people of all races, countries, and a few Nigerian dignitaries, were in attendance of his burial ceremony. Even residents of Ikotun Egbe, where his church is situated, equally came out in droves and amidst tears to say their final goodbyes to the late TB Joshua.
Shockingly, top Nigerian mega pastors which include; Chris Oyakhilome, Apostle Johnson Suleman, Paul Adefarasin, William Kumuyi, E.A. Adeboye, D.K Olukoya, Chris Okotie, and many others who refused to send their condolences upon hearing his demise, surprisingly also snubbed his funeral and burial ceremony and were noticeably absent during the funeral.
These popular men of God have come under heavy criticism from people who have sadly labelled them as FAKE and poor role models for their various congregants by their lack of compassion and act of dislike for T.B Joshua even in death.
Also reacting is the likes of Zambia based flamboyant pastor Seer1, Daddy Freeze and Reno Omokri who took to social media to air their views on popular Nigerian pastors that snubbed TB Joshua’s death and burial.
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  1. The Bible says"Love is the greatest and love is of God".Therefore if they are Pastors and have no love for a fellow pastor,it is up to them and God.Prophet T.B Joshua has played his part and gone back to his maker.I pray that God protects his family and his Church. The whole World continues to miss this great Servant of God.

  2. I won't judge them too for not showing any concern towards the departed clerics family.There's alot of divide and rule in Nigeria denominations.Sometimes you would be convinced that they don't believe in the same bible.

  3. They refused to attend TB Joshua burial because they are the demon themselves they believe that the Spirit of God around that premacy will disgrace them that is the reason why they refuse coming

  4. They are stingy, wicked, evil, full of hatred & jealous. Nigerian pastors are a disappointment to the world, here in Zambia we have lost confidence in them & some of us have even left their churches because of the attitude they have shown towards TB Joshua's death. Our pastors cannot do such a thing no matter how they hated that person, but can leave it to God the way I know Zambian pastors.

  5. They are nowhere compare to the prophet of our generation TB Joshua even if they live for another 200 years…Tb Joshua is anointed by God and they are not …no wonder they are so jealous of him…they would have done the same to Jesus..shame on their congregants

  6. If it was à pagan president who dies those pastor would attend the burial ceremony. The position to stay aloof this terrible trial is the évidence that they need Christ themselves. It's wicked to despise someone even in his death. This is not christianity. May God have mercy on them. The prophet has achieved his mission with victory. Now is is resting in peace. Each one has his day.

  7. They were scared if they reach Scoan they will start manifesting and get deliverance…that place is holy …I can imagine their members seeing their pastors and papa manifesting 😂😂

  8. In life for me only few occasions as human beings on come together or brings together in time of death, sickness etc even we have bitter experience of a person, great enemy. Those who are against somebody they are not faithful followers of christ, Praise the Lord. From kolkata, India.

  9. People of God, stop waisting your time, the scripture said that you shall know them by their fruits. They can't hide any more its time to be exposed not even by force, but by self free will exposure

  10. It is a shame that we have division within the body of Christ.The word of God says don't be un equally yoke with an unbeliever. If they were not with him while alive, truly, it will be wrong to attend his Burial, only mockers will do that. They see him as darkness, so, the Light got nothing to do with darkness. Above all, God is our ultimate Judge. TBJ had done his best, rest in peace.

  11. Firstly,if you only attend funerals of people you call friends, what makes you different from unbelievers? Secondly, is sending a condolence message across difficult to do? Tb Joshua sent condolences to the family of pastor dare adeboye though they where not friends! For Christ sake ,anyone who calls on the name of Jesus and as a fellow worker in the vineyard should have sent condolences! Love is lost in the church!! If the reverse was the case,am very sure that prophet TB Joshua would have sent condolences.Love needs to be improved in the church.

  12. These so called top pastors in Nigeria are a disgrace to the body of Christ! They exhibited jealousy and hatred because they lack power of the holy spirit. These fake pastors are fighting over membership to enrich themselves and not for salvation!
    We will continue to watch and pray, the legacy of God's general Prophet TB Joshua continues! Synagogue Church of all nations will multiple in it capacity as people from all over the world will worship without any hesitation the God of prophet TB Joshua! The Almighty God of Love!

  13. They dont practice what the Bible says…who are they to judge others? They are not truly men of God based on the scriptures!
    I could remember Adeboye testimony…about Akindayomi the founder of Redeem Church…who fell out with another pastor… but at death God refused to allow him to heaven, holding the key to his heavenly mansion but gave him grace and asked him to go and reconcile with the pastor after showing the video of the man! The founder came back to to reconcile with the man becos God revealed to him that the offended and offender if no reconciliation, non of them will inherit the kingdom of God! Adeboye popular testimony of Akindayomi, the founder of Redeem Church of Christ!
    Why is that all these pastors hold grudges with others? The Bible says we should not judge.but I'm of the opinion that their actions are not christ like! I wont attend their services!.

  14. It may be hipocritical to attend the buria, but IT IS NOT hipocritical to send a condolence! TB Joshua was not close to Adeboye of Redeem, but he publicly send condolence and a word if prayer when Adeboye's son passed away! TB Joshua is bigger than the rest of those snubbish GOs with inflated egos!


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