NEW Ten Commandments!!! Prophecy Happening RIGHT NOW #prophecy #prophecyfulfilled #endtimes #bible

NEW Ten Commandments!!! Prophecy Happening RIGHT NOW #prophecy #prophecyfulfilled #endtimes #bible


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  1. Denying the chastisement and the renewal of the earth shows a lack of faith from our religious leaders. We can only pray for them The world has lived by those ten commandments since they were given to Moses What a shame that our Pope is a part of that

  2. Holy Father we rebuke this evil, We stand on your words and your words alone Lord. Jesus is our King and we ask Father you be with us All. We ask this in JESUS' most HOLY name, Amen and Amen

  3. He can’t change the lords word because of stupid climate change which be fake so now the old commandments are gone I’m still following the one Moses gave us praise the lord

  4. Im going to share some”EVIDENCE” … I have a Book Of Evidence journal I keep …40 years ago I opened the Bible given to us at our wedding and tried to read it. Wasn’t a church goer really. Always sought …I opened to the book of revelation and felt the need to fall to my knees (not a usual occurrence for me). When I read “you’re children will prophecy” I hit my knees and a thought that was not my own told me “you will see this in your lifetime”. It was strong and powerful and when I’d mention it to people they laughed at me. I’ve very little money and no car and two years ago something kept urging me to go to this church where I had another crazy experience at that saved my life and got me going to church (too long here). But this urge kept saying go for Good Friday (I’ve never gone to church Good Friday). I decided I better listen to it and got Uber that was gonna be expensive since the church was in the city. The Uber guy was foreign .. as we were getting closer to the church he asked if I was going to church … I said yes … he told me I am from Bethlehem…the REAL Bethlehem. Ok I started getting tingles now…I said oh wow. He turned as we arrived and looked me straight in the eyes and said “pray for this world”. I got chills. I said I would and I’d also pray for you. What’s your name? He said “Peter”. So God wanted me to go to that church and sent Peter from Bethlehem to get me there.
    I promise you I am seeing it like you in our lifetimes

  5. I love it… why? Because the sooner they fulfill the prophecies, of which they themselves cannot even escape… The sooner my lord and savior, the actual Jesus Christ's, will be here to stop these foolish people… They're wolves in sheep's clothing, and they cannot even help themselves…. God cannot lie, and it's said that he will even put it into the hearts of the enemy to do so…. whatever it takes to get the job done…. Evil morons are speeding up the end times and I love it! I'm ready to live a real life with an actual worthy leader in charge of this world… 666 sucks sucks sucks, they have shiny shit but don't realize what absolute lovers they are… And we got the a biblical river drying up, but aren't we supposed to be under water by now… Climate change? Yeah, spring, summer, fall, winter…. it varies some but not significantly much…. It's a tactic to try, that's TRY, to enslave humankind… Fools are doomed… Turn back and worship the true Lord or see what happens to you!!!!

  6. The sheer arrogance of them to think that THEY can replace the 10 Commandments with a supposed "new version." That act lets you know they don't believe in the absolute authority of the Most High Living God. They seriously think they can push aside His commandments and replace them with their version.

    Clearly the pope, and whichever supposed men of God partaking in that blasphemous act, don't believe in scripture because if they did, they wouldn't partake in such nonsense since they know, according to Scripture, that one of Jesus' main beefs with the Pharisees was their ways of putting their man made rules over what God the Father had originally commanded.

    May the Lord Most High strike down that utterly disrespectful nonsensical blasphemous trash act those group of heathens are planning to enact.

  7. Papacy is Satan's Church, deceiving all the world church's to change God's Commandments!
    The POPE or no other religious leader has the authorization to change the TEN COMMANDMENTS! THIS IS DEMONIC !

  8. What’s wrong with these people? They’re going back to Sinai where 3,000 people died! Why not come over to Zion where His grace and mercies are new every morning!

  9. “premier religious leaders” says it all.They better check the weather before they perform their foolish ritual.Lightning may strike them or no weather…..⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

  10. May November 6 – 19 be a sign from HOLY LORD'S WRATH upon them all!
    May the mountain come down upon them.
    These satanists must REPENT themselves. HE shalt not be mocked!


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