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See what God can do through you. This is the vision of Elevation
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  1. Amen! My husband and I had a religious debate last night about revelations. And I couldn't have heard anything further form what I know from kj. But I understand that he was immersed in the message he has from as a child. And I'm wondering if I'm wrestling with a swine. Or if God put my with him for a reason. I guess I might not know. But he has suffered so much as a child from abuse. Nothing to do with religion. And on top of that adopted out of Romania. So I guess I answered my question God has a reason! Ok I can do this just have faith. And trust in gods plan for me and my familys life. Thank you Elavation for everything you do!

  2. Am a pensioner from South -Africa.
    My ends are meager ut my Love for GOD ARE great. Pray you 🙏 will ac eat me to your Elevation Church anyway. Pray through GOD THAT 🙏 I WILL BE ACCEPTED I TO YOUR CHURCH. BLESSINGS 🙌 🙌 🙌

  3. This is so powerful!!!!! So amazing!!!! Forgive me God for being stuck in me mode. This is a direct answer and wake up call for me that I needed so desperately, and it's right on time. He does this every day for me. I'll be going through something, I'll pray to God about it, then the next morning Pastor Furtick has a message from God straight to me pop up on YouTube. Absolutely amazing! Thank you Jesus. Bless Pastor Furtick, his family, and the church.

  4. I Believed I Had To Sacrifice Something Really Deep Me.. Painful Or Not. Turmoiled Over It For Years. But When I Went To Do It.. God Suprised Me And Let Me Know. Chris You Don't Have To Do That To Yourself. I Will Now Start Returning You To Your Natural State. (Best Way I Can Describe It.)

  5. Amen! Lord, I'm available 🤲 please do something through me in Jesus name. I'm bringing Him what little bit I have and putting it in His capable hands. Thank you Pastor Steven for always being here for us, you're the best 🙏♥️

  6. What an amazing message, really deep and insightful if we can all keep an open mind and hear and feel what God really wants us to get from this message…to
    "Be a Blessing to others" and in doing so, that's where the Joy comes from and the fulfillment and Happiness that we all yearn for comes from, by sowing the seeds of love & kindness and generosity towards others, WE RECEIVE God's mercy, forgiveness, Grace and Faith in our sincerity for OUR love for him and OUR Trust & Faith in his love for US🙏

  7. Please pray for me and for all of my family and friends and neighbors… for salvation and holiness and healing and wholeness and restoration and prosperity and peace and joy and love and light…

  8. This Church is definitely a big deal to me, Pastor Steven Furtick. Thank you for being our feeder. May God use me too as He wishes. Abd God bless you and your family and all those who make these messages be presented so well. I thank God for your voice, the energy you have, your enthusiasm, your hardwork, your preperation to feed us all so well. God bless you more and more and may more and more be blessed through you and also be a blessing. In Jesus'name, Amen! Thank you very much, Pastor!🙏🙏🙏🙏

  9. Please understand I have much respect for you I just thought I'd share some knowledge. Please know I tell you this because I think you would like this knowledge. I was learning from a man who read Hebrew. It was a on line course any way he said that always we see Abraham's done as a pre teen but he was actually in his thirty's. This made this story even more powerful because at that age he understood what his father was going to do to him but he too had faith in God to late down and be sacrificed. Thought you may find this knowledge inspiring as I did.


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