Nathaniel Bassey Ministering @ WHM 2022 Port Harcourt Edition

Worship His Majesty King Jesus 2022
Host: Pastor Elsie Obed


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  1. The scripture says you will prosper even in the desert; your leaf will not wither. Even in famine, you will have more than enough. It’s showing us that even though circumstances may change, the Source never changes. Because you’re connected to the Source, because you’re honoring God, you will be blessed in the famine; you’ll increase when others are decreasing.

  2. I worship your holy name because you are the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. The Ancient of Days, The Lion Tribe of Judah, You are the l am that l am , The Holy one of Israel.

  3. Glory to the Most High…worthy He is and always He will remain Holy for in our wickedness He still showed Himself for us,our unfaithfulness He has still remained faithful.Father take all our glory and keep your servant burning day in day out so that your light is lighted all over the world.May your will be done.Amen


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