Nathaniel Bassey & Lovesong: Wonderful Wonder

Written by:Nathaniel Bassey
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  1. This melody in itself is a calling. It has been calling me for a long time now, its time i accept God. But how do I practise his word in this millenial world. It seems not practicable. Although some words in this song surpass my understanding, i believe God is there. He has always been there.but i am Very confused. I thought following Jesus would be easy. Putting his word into this life of today is almost impossible. And how does one intreprete the bible correcty anyway? So many question marks ??? But i know for sure he is there.

  2. From my mouth to God's ears, this song will be my entrance song walking down the aisle dressed in my white angelic gown ❤️👰🙏2022, anyone ? Thank you God.

  3. First time I listened to this in a friend's car drive; I had to immediately lookup up the song, downloaded and the satisfaction came while I repeatedly played it in my home…still top of my daily listening

  4. This song just makes me shade a tear everytime it knocks through my speakers! I just wanna lift up my hands and praise Him all through what am going through! And it brings His presences down. 😊


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