Nathaniel Bassey Gospel Worship Songs – See What The Lord Has Done, There Is A Place – Gospel 2022

Nathaniel Bassey Gospel Worship Songs – See What The Lord Has Done, There Is A Place, Emmanuel, Imela – Gospel Songs 2022

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[00:00] – See What The Lord Has Done
[07:30] – There Is A Place
[15:29] – Emmanuel
[23:13] – Imela
[29:04] – See What The Lord Has Done
[36:34] – There Is A Place
[44:33] – Emmanuel
[52:17] – Imela
[58:08] – See What The Lord Has Done
[01:05:38] – There Is A Place
[01:33:24] – Emmanuel

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  1. May the good Lord use your music ministry to bless the entire Africa and the World as you sing with your trumpet 🎺. I was not your fun but just two days when you arrived in Ghana (Takiradi) for the Prophetic Conference, my whole life was connected to your ministration and I was healed completely. May the good Lord bless you and Keep you always. God bless Nigeria, God bless Ghana πŸ‡¬πŸ‡­, God bless the entire Africa and the World as you play this Trumpet Always.

  2. My heart can stop blessing the lord for the countless blessings he has given me most importantly life for I have gone through a lot of pain and struggles in life but God never left me alone he got me right out picked me when I fell and blessed me agin and agin thank you Jesus glory glory

  3. See what the Lord has doneπŸ™ŒπŸΎ. What I have been waiting for has come to passπŸ‘πŸΎ. Thank you God got everything. I’m grateful πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

  4. As I come across this ministrations every delay, setback in my life and destiny is cancelled, My destiny husband is locating me Today in Jesus name Amen…See what the Lord has done…

  5. I am writing this with Faith, I see the Lord turning my situations around, my husband locating me,my life changing into testimonies, and all I will say is SEE WHAT THE LORD HAS DONE… WHAT I HAVE WAITED FOR IS COMING TO PASS NOW IN JESUS NAME… AMEN

  6. I have come to testify as I decreed in the name of Jesus.
    God healed me of abnormality in my cervix and of HPV if left untreated can lead to cervical cancer. I am completely healed and restored. Praise God Almighty.

    I will have more testimonies tell share in the coming days and weeks by the grace of God, Amen.


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