Nathaniel Bassey – Book of Life

Nathaniel Bassey – Book of life video.

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Directed by Uvi Orogun of Mediamind. (c) 2011 —
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  1. Wow, never knew this wonderful song was sang by you sir (Pst.Nathaniel Bassey). Back in the university, the choir in my campus fellowship sang this song and it touched me. I always sing whenever I remember the song but didn't check online to download it for some reasons I dnt know of 😉( maybe I dnt want to cry or because I felt I know the lyrics well enough). Sir, thanks for all your songs and thanks for the songs that are soon to come through divine ministration from God. Lord help me, I dnt want to miss Heaven, write my name in the book of life.

  2. This is one of the most important questions we could ask ourselves. The last words of the song was "think about it " we all should indeed think and meditate on this. Just as important, do all it takes to get our names in "The Book of Life" 📖

  3. Brother Nathaniel Bassey has been singing for up to 11 years?!!! Initially I thought this was a new one from him! This song took me to a realm out of here. Lord, this realm this song took me to is where I want to remain for the rest of my life. I repent totally and yield my life a living sacrifice acceptable to you. Father, write my name on the book of Life. Amen.

  4. Effect beyond words. Lord You sure know how to bless Your own. His very first song I got to love and never looked back. Nath, you are a blessing to this generation.

  5. Wonderful song by Nathaniel Bassey.
    It is certain that only the pure in heart will truely see Jesus.(Matthew 5:8)
    So,let's examine ourselves daily whether we are still standing for God or not.
    And if we are not, let's repent immediately and not delay.
    Obedient is better than sacrifice.
    God help us all to finish the heavenly race well in Jesus name.
    Thank you Nathaniel Bassey!
    Thank you Jesus!

  6. My dear brothers and sisters. God has just given me a revelation concerning this song book of Life just right now and have just woken up from it. It was last night that I went to Google and read much about the signs of the second coming back of Jesus Christ. Have just woken up from it now. In this revelation, I saw a crowd, both young and old, men and women, boys and girls all coming up towards me and their leader who was a man. They all came , assembled and sat down under the very tree where I was standing.the leader started distributing each one with an exercise book and behind every exercise book, a particular person's name was written on it with a blue pen. I realized I needed to leave and couldn't attend this gathering. I started leaving and no sooner had I gone very far from this congregation, my heart started telling me to go back and know what they were doing. I found they had shifted from under the tree to a particular big Hall. I entered in and sat. their leader was teaching them about the second coming back of Jesus Christ and the book of Life. Shortly after that, I found myself standing outside under this same tree. I looked up in the sky, the clouds were gathered together, thunders roared, lightening shone and a sudden lining appeared beneath the dark cloud. And I heard a voice telling me that, that lightening underlining beneath the cloud is and an indication of those whose names are already written and sealed in the book of Life. Waiting for the second coming back of Jesus Christ. Surprisingly after that, I woke up puzzling but only to hear from my mother's room in the morning devortion. From one of the local radio station here call. Unity f.m and the preacher was preaching this very theme. " IS YOUR NAME IN THE BOOK OF LIFE". even now am still shocked. My brethren in Christ, Jesus Christ is coming back soon. Is your name written in the book of Life??


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