My Lord's Prayer in Aramaic | Meditation | Music Chant | Receive Miracles of the Holy Spirit

We are extremely delighted to offer the My Lord’s Prayer sung by Elaine Kueper, who is also called Mohini.

Aramaic is the original language of Lord Jesus. This is a very ancient language that has a tremendous amount of power of the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately, the English translation misses the essence of the prayer.

Dr. Pillai says, ‘My Lord’s Prayer is a Mantra. It becomes extremely potent when received from someone who has experienced it.’

Dr. Pillai has blessed Mohini to share this mantra with the world along with the true teachings of Jesus.

Learn more about the My Lord’s Prayer: Jesus in his own words and get the true teachings of Jesus –

May Lord Jesus bless you!

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  1. I'm making an urgent request that a program also be done for Hail Mary translation. The divine Feminine needs to be honored. Thanks for all the beautiful blessings Pillai translates, transmutes transforming my life where i can share my blessings.


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