Morning Prayer: commanding your breakthrough now || Dr. Cindy Trimm

Morning prayer is very key, you can use it to command your breakthrough. Everyone’s destiny is birth in the place of prayer unless you have an alternative. So if all you know is God then this is a prayer for every believer. Is for married, singles, parents, success, influence, protection, and deliverance. Morning Prayer by Dr. Cindy Trimm, enjoy.
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  1. I pray that the evil that is stopping me from hearing from my grandson Tayevon be broken. Father release the strong hold that is over my daughter LaTasha, released the hold on my whole family 👪. Lord I ask for the home we are looking for, so our family can come together, if it's your well! Bless the seeds that are being sowed. Father I thank you for this prayer. Lord my heart is full. I woke up with u on my mind. Bless Newbirth, keep Georgia safe.keep all your state's safe.we bind all evil doers
    Father in you holy name

  2. Set my sister betty from any evil doers and any works of the devil.i decree that my money, marriage, breakthrough is coming together,my son's education is advancing in Jesus name,my business will prosper, and customers will flock in Jesus mighty name,my husbands money that has been tied will be set free in Jesus mighty name may all evil stronghold s be destroyed by your fire.

  3. Commanding a Good Healthy Morning : Good Health , Love , Success , Happiness and Peace and Joy. Healing in my body mind and spirit , Money cometh from the North , South , East and West. I decree and declare my Tuition , Housing ( new Home) , Transportation ( L. R.) all my needs are supplied according to your word. Philippians 4:19 Rick Renner Translation. Thank You God. Amen Aug 19, 2022

  4. HALLELUJAH Glory to GOD! I Decree and Declare EVERY Word of this Prayer; Over Me and My Loved Ones, Everyone Assigned to and Associate d With Me In Jesus Mighty Name. I Put a DEMAND On IT Right NOW And So It Is, may Almighty GOD Continue to BLESS and use her POWERFULLY to Bring Satan's kingdom DOWN

  5. Lord Your word tells us No Weapon Formed Against us shall Prosper…. I Decree and Declare every aspect of this Prayer over My life and the lives of my Children and love one🙏🙇‍♀️

  6. I receive this prayer over my families members from the youngest males too the oldest female’s removed any strongholds,unforgiving in the mighty name Jesus 🙏🏼😇🩸🩸🩸

  7. I come to you in the name of my daughter she has tried to conceive with out success please shower your blessings upon her lord iam praying you bless her with a child thank you Lord


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