MIRACULOUS GOD – Dunsin Oyekan

Live from CODE RED 5- 2017


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  1. Blessings to you all, This is a disclaimer to everyone, Dunsin Oyekan will never ask for money or tell anyone to give to an orphanage somewhere. Please don’t fall for this scam… Grace and Peace to you all…

  2. Everything must change now!!!!! I am a testimony of the miraculous works of God…..Everything must obey to me..I come as an altar and decree that what i don't want shall not be associated with me and my husband and sons again in Jesus name…..AMEN OOOOOOO

  3. Hahahaha , glory be to God, this is truly the beauty of God. I speak that in the name of Jesus, that admission that i have been waiting for my obey in this month of November

  4. For I know he never lies and for I believe and have faith in his words your promise shall come to fulfillment in my life I would look back at this comment in a few years and life my voice in worship and praise to say Thank you Lord

  5. As i was listening to this song, the Holy Spirit dropped this message on my heart. If you, man made speak to your children and they listen to you how much more" THE I AM, THAT I AM ", if your boss ask you to stop everything you are doing and come to his/her office right now and you obey how much more "THE OMNIPOTENT GOD" If the CDC, enacts laws that we should wear mask and the whole world wear mask, how much more the one "WHO GOVERNMENT REST UPON HIS SHOULDERS ". Command in HIS NAME FOR HE IS THE IMPOSSIBILITY SPECIALIST…

  6. I speak positivity into my life, repentance from lust and things of the world, true worship with the Lord. I want to work with you Lord, make me know you more, I want to carry your anointing and grace. Make it happen in my life and I shall be a blessing to my generation and generations to come, Amen.

  7. Oh my God,can't hold my tears,yes yes ,miraculous God,who can do exceedingly abundantly above what I think,everything must obey ooh lalalalaaaa,thank you Jesus,thank you for blessing me, oh yes everything must obey


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