MIRACLES & HEALINGS| People Watch This Video And Some Get Healed | Randy Clark

This video uploaded with permission from Global Awakening Ministries https://globalawakening.com/

This is an incredible testimony video presented by Randy Clark. Every time this video is shown someone in the audience or watching at home receives healing. The reason this happens is because peoples faith is increased everytime you see someone else get healed. It makes it easier to receive healing for yourself. Also, when your faith is stirred the Holy Spirit responds to your faith.

So watch this video and believe for healing. Watch more than once if you need it. God will show up.

If you feel the spirit while watching this please leave a comment below to help increase the faith of anyone else watching.


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  1. All these healing stories here and not a single amputee or burns victim! Perhaps you successfully healed folks ought get out there and give a few pointers on prayer to those amputee,burns victims, Alzheimer's,Parkinson's disease and MND sufferers who never seem to get healed!

  2. I'm requesting a very special prayer 🙏 ♥ for my father Joaquin Mendoza health healing recovery relief blessing miracles for his recovery illness please remove all pain bad negative

  3. I believe that as I watch this video I will be healed and that everything that is not apart of my body be gone and that pain go with it in the name of Jesus amen thank you.

  4. I was healed of my cardiomyopathy after watching this video. God returned my ventricles to normal size and function. He increased my ejection function to normal levels. I no longer need medication and my symptoms are gone! Amen!

  5. I received healing on my neck!!! Hallelujah!! Glory to God!! My neck I couldn’t turn to the sides and it if I did it would crack a lot. Years of working in front of a monitor that is kiddy cornered. I got up and believed that if I would act in faith I would receive my healing. I just kept moving my neck slowly side to side, until as I kept doing it, I was able to move faster and more to my should length. It doesn’t crack, no limited movement no pain!! Hallelujah!! Glory to God!!!


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