Miracles Caught on Camera: Proof God Answers Prayers Pt 1

Miracles are events not explicable by natural or scientific law. This video proves that Miracles happen. Support Us on Patreon: …


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  2. Beware of Doctors who declare your loved one "dead" too early…It could be that they want organs ( organ harvesting is big business). And organs can only be used when you are still "alive"

  3. I am so happy that I just came across this video!! My depression has worsened to the point that I don't want to get out of bed. Now I feel so much better. Thank you Jesus!

  4. Look at you all. Saying every little thing is attributed to jesus. So, god gave your dad cancer and helped him recover? Thanks, god

  5. One night while riding as a passenger in a vehicle someone told me to "buckle up"… right after I did the vehicle started turning over and over. The driver was ejected out of the side window and nearly died. I received a couple of broken bones and a concussion. After we finally recovered, I thanked the driver for telling me to buckle up…he looked at me kinda funny and told me that he didn't tell me to.

  6. We have a god that merciful and mighty he can do all things and he does all things well without a help and yes he can heal and raise people from the dead yes ma'am yes sir

  7. I didn't feel that iad any heart problems, but went for a heart cath as requested. I was told by the surgeon, "now don't be thinking you'll get away w/o stents. Your scans show severe blockages". As I was awakened, at the oddest look on his face, theurgeon told me "I didn't see ANY thing!" I told him, "well, I guess Dr. Jesus took care of me!"! Thank You Lord, God Almighty!


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