Migrants targeted in South Africa after gang rape outrage – BBC News

Residents of the South African township of Kagiso near Johannesburg have set ablaze the homes of migrants who they blame for the gang rape of eight women last week.

The residents believe the large group, who they accuse of the attack, are illegally working in disused local mines.

Dozens of people are being held by police in connection with the assault but none have been charged with rape.

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  1. I don't believe this people's they are they worse people amoungs African nations they accuse the foreign nationals and then start lotting they business like shops factory's and whatever they can I know Very well I brought up in this community.

  2. Hey if the police weren't able to do something then best believe certain communities are going to handle it so predators don't think they'll get away with things like this

  3. It is ignorance, if you keep pointing your hands at other people for your problems you will never get a solution for it.
    When south Africa was fighting for freedom many African countries supported them , little did we know that this is what they will turn into a people who hate foreigners , a people who don't want to share,
    And the police and justice system is the same there , the police standby and looking whiles other human beings Africans are burnt to their death , face your issues face on and stop hiding behind xenophobia โ€ผ๏ธ

  4. Its just like Sweden and Germany. These people don't assimilate into western culture. We don't consider women as trash. Well, except for the liberals who are trying to destroy women's rights.

  5. Very simple as the whole globe knows about racisms of British cop systems so how would a weak an expect to an archive justice from such an imperialist government and it's police whom they also blamed the nationalist residents about they've blamed the migrant rapists and didn't charged an accused as rapists so such puppets of British colonials deserve to be chased away from South Africa ๐ŸŒ ameen


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