Melody of Yared || English Orthodox Tewahedo Hymn

Melody of Yared My Lady St Mary
a treasure from above (2)
In which fitting words or in what language can I
express to you my love (2)

YeYared wub zema Dingil Emebete
sitotaye nesh (2)
Be min andebete endetis bale kal
Mariam libelish (2)

The heavens and the earth they speak of your marvels
And all of creation testifies with novels
A tale that is ceaseless, wonderous are your deeds
Oh My Virgin Mary to you none supersede
Mother of all Saint Mary my strength and aid
You swiftly come when I call I’m not afraid
Your miracles and wonders I have witnessed
Zion Mary you have cured me of emptiness

The wisdom of our Lord unveiled by you Virgin
Adam’s children escaped the death that came from sin
It is you my mother the root of salvation
Who became the ladder for all of creation
If the future’s uncertain full of dismay
With you as my rod I cannot be led astray
I’ll stand before you to give praise night and day
With humbleness I call you Mary I pray

Generations as one they will stand to give praise
You’ve abolished the curse saved them from sorrow days
Adam and his children on Earth and in the skies
He will sing songs to you may his prayers arise
The shadows of this dark world from me they part
Intercessions made by you have calmed my heart
When you’re with me Saint Mary I shall know peace
The clench from the pit of sorrow will be released


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  1. በጣም ጥሩ ሥራ ነው። በርቱ ፡1
    የቤተ ክርስትያናችንን ዓለም አቀፍ ተደራሽነት ተስፋ እንድናደርግ እያደረጋችሁን ነው::

  2. Beti,
    God The Almighty showers you with his blessing ,give you more strength and wisdom to selflessly serve him to the last breath.
    We all are very proud of you and amazed with your truth devotion and dedication.
    Great job!
    I kindly ask you all those who listen to this wonderful and healing song to keep her in your prayer .

  3. ዝማሬ መላእክት ያሰማልን! እውጭ ለተወለዱ ልጆቻችን በጣም ይጠቅምልናልና በርቱልን። እግዜአብሔር ይስጥልን።


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