Matt Chandler – Inappropriate Behavior or Legalism?

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Official Statement from @The Village Church – Flower Mound :

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  1. I think the key is for married church leaders is to have the accountability with your spouse. I have conversations with females all the time due to apologetics or teaching, but my wife has access to all my emails, texts, and messages. From what I understood, Chandlers wife knew all about it. According to the Elders, this conversation opened up a discussion for other problems in Matt’s life (which they didn’t specify). The key is accountability

  2. He wasn’t qualified to be a pastor anyway, as he supported CRT, condoned aspects of the domestic terrorist group BLM, was anti police, was “please forgive me for being white”, and was a social justice warrior.
    Alongside that, No, we don’t know specifically what happened behind the scenes but I will say this; NO ONE resigns from being a pastor or an elder for simply “sending a text message to someone of the opposite sex”.

  3. I had female friends when I got married and long story short, my wife don’t handle that.
    Some folk see any opposite sex friendship as sinful.
    That’s said, if someone has same-sex attraction, as a Christian and no-one but them knows, is it any less risky?

  4. Just saw this in my recommendations and decided to watch. You have a new subscriber God bless you guys! Can't wait to catch up on all the videos 😂 I wanted to watch new Christian channels glad I found this one.

  5. Today Eric and I ordered homeschool stuff for this year(we're starting late, lol). We decided for our daughter Ericah(14 yr old), the subject of Bible will consist of listening to shows/podcasts from Dr. Michael Heiser, Leighton Flowers and any of you guys with Black Sheep:):):) Love you guys and great discussion here!!!!! 100% :):):)

  6. Bottom line – we don't know any more than what they've revealed. So any speculation about the specifics is just that, speculation. My issue with the whole thing is that they allowed Matt to control the narrative and make the announcement about his own discipline. During which he stated something to the effect that he was going to be their pastor for 20 more years. And nothing was mentioned about the woman involved in the conversation (i.e. was she also in sin, was she being hurt/abused by the relationship, what are the elders doing to minister to her in this situation?) because the focus was only on Matt. While we don't know the specifics, in my opinion the overall way this was announced leaves a lot to be desired.

  7. I remember him, Matt Chandler, talking about building a friendship with a unbelieving, promiscuous married woman. He invited her to a sermon but the speaker preached unfavorably about promiscuity, and it made him extremely angry (the 'rose sermon'). Meanwhile he turned a blind eye to the promiscuity of his female friend, he laughed it of. Everything about that story sounded foolish to me, he seemed to show a blind spot for women's failures and sins.

    His suspension seems an overreaction, but I'm not that surprised about him getting into a troublesome situation with a women. Perhaps it's naivety on his part and oversensitivity on the elders' part.

    On a somewhat related note, I get this feeling that modern churches can only see men's pitfalls a typical sins. Even in regards to women's clothing, it's because men supposedly cannot control themselves.

    What happened to the woman that Matt Chandler's texted with? Was she disciplined?

  8. Matt Chandler has always rubbed me the wrong. I have a massive problem with Calvinism, but he also seems emotionally manipulative. He will be bordering on tears or yelling furious anger and then on the drop of a dime he is back to normal. Seems much of his preaching style is for show in my opinion.


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