Managing What God Gave You | Pastor Steven Furtick

We’ve all been told to expect and believe for miracles. But when you receive a miracle from God, it’s your responsibility to manage.

This clip is from the message “It’s Mine To Manage.” To watch the full message, click here:

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  1. AMEN!!! So brilliant 😁!!! Don't get mad sometimes if crossing and buttung your Head sometimes. For example; jags of coconut to check if it heavy or not heavy. Even put rocks in it's to become heavy can throw out those rocks because those are not coconut. It's like even have a lot of money but have to first repent baptize and fasting. Don't know how to make it perfect but we do believe you can make it more clear and perfect. Okay! Please forgives us to buttung the giant but it not you that's why wake up another day your bones didn't runaway but become more hard bones from your rusty bones that makes you don't know how to shaking your hip. Please forgives us, runaaaaaway!

  2. Steven furtick you have saved my life. I thought I was saved the first time but when all that failed me and I almost died and everyone left me I sometimes laid awake at night praying I would live thru the night and not die on my two sons that were sleeping on either side of me . Tears would stream down the sides of my face as I'd lay there in desperation and these sermons were the only thing that got me thru. If i could move to or visit NC just to attend Elevation I would. Because it's the one church who doesn't condemn others for their brokenness. GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR Gift 🎁 🙏

  3. God led me here today – blown away: I'm getting weary standing in the middle of my miracle – well I think I've got as far as lifting a foot to step in the river. It's been a long journey after many years in Egypt, and coming through the Red Sea didn't lead to where i thought it would.
    A few years ago God was speaking to me about the journey ahead and I found out that the Jordan in springtime (when they crossed) is in flood and over 100m wide and 10m deep. And they would have had to get through a thicket with wild animals in it first.
    Now I see why He showed me that.
    Thankful that He still gave them manna every day until after they had crossed over and 3 days later celebrated Passover, tasting the produce of the land for the first time.
    I'm looking forward to that : )


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