Making Sense of Sacrifice | Beyond | Pastor Steven Furtick

When given the opportunity to sacrifice, our minds often battle between “making sense” and “having faith.” But rarely does real sacrifice ever make sense. Discover how there’s nothing we could give that would be too much for a God who gave everything.


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  1. Reminds me of all the many four leafed clovers I find every year. If I keep them, they fade. If I give them away, they bring luck to the receiver. I always pass them on to pay them forward. 🍀

  2. I made a sacrifice today, I heard gods call while at my local library.
    I took a drive to cry, started breathing hard, and talking to god and made my sacrifice.
    Got home from my drive and was headed insides when I was drawn to this video and it changed the way I viewed my sacrifice. Thankyou. 6 years later and this message still resonates.

  3. I look so forward to be able to give on 1 October. I would love to give now I just don’t have anything to give but myself to God until I get paid. But I’m joyfully going to get my sacrifice to the Lord

  4. God is so good. I am so so grateful for this journey thus far. You and Holly and your family in elevation have been so warming and welcoming and I just love you guys so much in the name of Jesus. For the guidance and the encouragement and allowing God to work through you to others. Thank you Pastor Steven ❤️

  5. God is so good 🥺 I was in so much conflict about my tithe and offering and I stumbled across this video, a messaged preached 4 years ago! Wow!! 🙌 👀 Thank you Pastor Steven Furtick for this blessed message. My heart has been touched. 💕😇🙏 I am truly in Awe of God. I am in tears. Love from Cape Town, South Africa. 🌍

  6. I don't think God ever passes over a punishment you deserved. We are all to ascend like jesus, and what you consider a punishment you deserve maybe that you are part of things you don't understand, and you are still as responsible as you ascend, like jesus. God may look at the situation and know that the situation is manipulated that you weren't to know. In this may you know, and in jesus name, amen.

  7. Hearing this sermon for the first time and it moved me, it's so applicable….as a new believer Pastor Steven Furtick does it for me….your sermons are improving my relationship with God so much

  8. Pastor Stephen. Love messages ..Really speak to me and my heart. Helps to stay seeking to improve my foundation in my relationship with Jesus Christ.. Really love what Elevation does as a whole and wonderful music.. I may not be able to contribute monetarily at the moment.. Ive seeds in ground as we speak..Really appreciate the encouragement.. like lil statements that stick with me…let the dirt do its work… love it. God bless

  9. Beautiful devotion for today, I'm walking in the out of darkness 5k for suicide awareness. 33 years ago I found him hanging outside. Today I am finally able to say goodbye to the pain. Thank you Pastor Steven for your help in your sermons. The song by Cece Winnens will be playing in my play list…..I'm blessed

  10. I dont know how to share this message in a way it will reach you preacher, it I wanted to share this with you, I was an alcoholic for the better part of 10 years I was an alcoholic. I started watching your videos in early recovery. You inspired me so much. I want yo thank you for that. 1/17/20 I will have 1 year sober, by the grace of God. Since getting sober God has called me into the ministry. Your words are an inspiration. Thank you mr. Furtick

  11. Hi pastor I'm say a bout sound I like always and sometimes I'm say I'm winner just one day because I know I bileve to my God but myb people's think me I'm tak bad 🙏🙏👍thank you

  12. As a single mom of 3…I got to thinking, couldn't you give in more ways than financially? Time, energy, love, wisdom, compassion! There is so much that could be given. In my experience, money given to me wasn't always what I needed. What I needed was someone to be there. I'm not saying I dont give money to my church. I do when I can. I'm simply getting at when we give, we are to do it with the concept of not expecting anything in return. For those of us who work hard to barely make it, we end up giving money and later on in the week when we dont have enough gas in a car to make it until the next pay check, we regret giving that extra 40 that actually wasn't extra…we just left something out of our budget we didn't think was there. I dont regret that the money went towards Christ. I regret putting myself in a tight spot that effects my kids too because I felt an obligation to give money…a very evil thing indeed…to Christ. If we can't put money in the collection plate, we feel like we didn't give to God. But when I can be a shoulder for someone to cry on…I never regret giving them that. I never regret getting an opportunity to share the word of God to a person in need of his guide. I never regret doing his will to bring a person closer to Christ. I feel like I've done right by God when I spread his word. Even in the times I spread his word to a person who turns around and manipulates and lies about me. I gave my favorite bible to s woman who in return tore my entire relationship apart with my husband. I do not regret giving her that bible. I s as w the potential for her to be better through his word. One day she might open that bible and read something that opens her eyes to the hurt she has inflicted on someone and she might get down on her knees and pray to God for the forgiveness of the way she chose to live up until that point. And that moment might be the moment she changes her ways to serve God. So is money the only way to give? Just curious. Not putting your sermon down
    I love every sermon I've heard by you. "When anxiety attacks " was a huge one for me being to this day I no longer suffer from anxiety like I had up until that day. That sermon was the one that broke me and made me follow God in a way I never understood up until that day.

  13. Thank you very much pastor for sharing the word of the Lord with us.
    I'm from all the way in south Africa and i find your messages very encouraging so thank you and and my our good Lord continue to bless you,your family and your congregation!!!


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