Making Room To Receive The Blessing | Steven Furtick

God has blessings He wants to give you, but you might have to make room in your life to receive them.

This is an excerpt from “Beta Blessings.” To watch the full message from @Elevation Church, click here:

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Section Titles:
0:00 – Praising God During The Process
1:34 – It Was Free At First
4:45 – When Failure Sets You Up For A Blessing
6:48 – Obey To Be Blessed
8:59 – I’m Just In Beta
11:48 – Getting You To Your Calling

Scripture References:
Luke 5, verse 5
Luke 5, verses 8-11

Making Room To Receive The Blessing | Steven Furtick


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  1. Good morning pastor and let thee lord bless us all with your words of wisdom and knowledge in Jesus name amen let's go to work all praise and glory to God 🙏

  2. Sharing my journey through Michelle Zombos' devotional, Into the Garden is an enriching experience. In Australia today we have a good social safety net for which I praise God. Thanking God for His provision and inclusion into His plan to give everyone a future and a hope. (Inspired by Into the Garden by Michelle Zombos page 134)

  3. I'm in beta rn….addictions and habits…..I'm praying ..,..but the enemy has been bombarding me with wickedness. Beta….transition amen they say I'm fallen angel..sayin .anything


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