Making Peace With Missing Pieces | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

March 6, 2022
Pastor Steven Furtick
Elevation Church

Where we see missing pieces, God sees the bigger picture.

In “Making Peace With Missing Pieces,” we learn that even the things we feel are “missing” can serve a purpose in our lives.

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Section Titles:
0:00 – LION is Available Now!
5:34 – Move In What You’re Made For
8:22 – God Is Trying To Rebuild Your Self-Image
12:54 – Making Peace With Missing Pieces
16:32 – Start With The Source
19:16 – The War You’re Facing
25:11 – Faith Vs. Doubt
27:37 – Believing The Power Of God’s Word
30:32 – Talking Back To God
33:00 – This Is How God Works
35:20 – Who Am I?
37:45 – You Won’t Experience Peace That Way
39:45 – Misunderstanding What You’re Made Of
41:57 – Stop Speaking Against What God Spoke
44:14 – Figuring Out Your Identity
48:49 – Turning Your Mistake Into A Miracle
51:50 – Why Didn’t God Give Me That?
55:48 – Are You Ready To Make Peace With It?
1:00:00 – This Is A God Moment
1:03:30 – Putting Your Faith In Jesus

Scripture References:
Exodus 4, verses 10-17
Exodus 3, verses 11-13

Making Peace With Missing Pieces | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church


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Comment (0)

  1. Plz pray for me and my family it seems like the better I try to do the worse my family comes against me I don't know why they are treating me so harsh but they are extremely mean to me I need God and prayers to get through this and other things prayers plz.

  2. I tried to get 4 points for the pieces here and I have 1. a preparation, who am I? 2. Information, who are you lord? and 3 and 4 I may have been tearing up or something because I have 3. who is God Not???? and 4. Limitation???? I missed something. Anyone else take notes out there that would be willing to help me out?

  3. Just Want Pastor And Elevation Church To know that your music and your preaching is being played in a roofing warehouse in Pella Iowa everyday the doors are open. Where there are prayer warriors praying over this company and over the employees and over the future successes. There are roofers who are use to filthy music and discouraging lyrics who are now coming into a space where the word of God is being blasted!

    Thank you so much Pastor Steven and thank you so much Elevation Worship for ALL THAT YOU DO!!!!

    May your ministry continue to grow and reach as many souls as possible

  4. What year was this and mint I just want to say I pray for you your family and church members for today I lay everything down before God's feed and give it to him for him for he knows my heart and my pain that he is a awesome God that never lets nothing get by. Thank you yes and amen


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