[Lovely❤] When Apostle Joshua Selman Arrived In Ghana with Pastor Nathaniel Bassey ……

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➤Speaker: Apostle Joshua Selman
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  1. I am watching from Palm beach, Florida. Man, I must tell you, I love this man! He is truly a man of God. His humbleness is unbelievable! Glory to the Almighty God!

  2. This is how it started with these other celebrity pastors called "challatans" today. The followers will start posting everything little thing about them, how they travel, where they stay, how they live their daily lives. Before you know it their lifestyles changes and becomes the center of everything.
    Get me right… it's not right for them to be given such an honour, but posting everything on social media, I'm not sure about that.

  3. Guard of honor this demonstration has made me shade tears. The Holy Spirit has just reminded me of how God will inspect each and every child of God if he's worthy of the prize. And the best word of honor will be "well done my good and faithful servant." Ghana embrace the two generals in the Lord and do not let go until you are blessed.

  4. I tap into your grace Apostle Joshua Selman. One day I will testify. Oh my God, I'm so happy to have come across your YouTube channel. I've so blessed 🙌 and look forward to welcoming you to Lusaka Zambia 🇿🇲 by God's grace and mercy. 🙏

  5. God is Good. Apostle Selman- You are the Man of God- Anointed and Ordained for such a time as this. Such Divine Wisdom and Humility.Hallelujah. Thank You for coming to Ghana Apostle Selman and Pastor Bassey. God is Good.

  6. Are you serious??? This is just a man!! Yes, a powerful man used by God but a man, nevertheless.
    Mind you, there's nothing wrong in honouring these men (which we should) but be careful not to let Satan use this to plant pride in his heart and thus destroy him and his ministry.
    Pray for him sincerely!! He needs the Devine covering.

  7. I am super happy for Ghana that Apostle Selman and Pastor Bassey visited I know you all would never be the same again after this encounter. I await the day when my country Guyana 🇬🇾 will be visited God bless you Men of God I love you all 🙏🏽


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