Love the Lord Your God with All Your Mind! – With Ravi Zacharias

Love the Lord Your God with All Your Mind! – With Ravi Zacharias
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  1. Tried to load links that proves they Ravi Zacharias is a Christian charlatan but for some reason YouTube keeps removing it!

    I wonder if Corinthians 6:9 -10 has anything to do with it?!

  2. Jesus Christ has been bringing this Scripture Love the Lord your God with all your heart, mind soul and strength for the last few days and the second Love your neighbour(English spelling) as yourself( other words treat others as you would like to be treated.

  3. That image you that eats to keep alive and even try to keep your neighbors alive I do not mold myself to a perishable flesh knowledge is provided of the education that I am limited to I do my best and I don’t care of your thoughts or offended mind I never define my words that are my creators understanding that I am shielded from.

  4. The true question is what will you all say when you are in front of the truth and you come to your visioned believe for you live and work for an image and in fact many images of deferent value damned you are for mocking me in truth mercy come to you for your unbearable outcome I am here for an understanding that you will never have remember this political to you is still true not this mans recorded message yet the leadership in flesh that allow it.

  5. If you're heterosexual, you would say it's because that's normal and you were born that way. But when someone identifies as homosexual, were broken and it's a result of original sin and shouldn't define us because it's not the core of who we are. Sorry, that is a double standard.


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