(LIVE REDHOT PRAYERS) Restore My Captured GLORY | Pastor Rich – Apostle Suleman

Welcome to LIVE prayer Service at OFM Houston.
As we pray, May God restore your wasted years in Jesus mighty name.
We trust God has ordained you to join this online prayer Service.
Prepare to pray; we believe through scriptures that if there is a man to pray, there is a God to answer. A great man once said, it seems as though God will do nothing until a man prays.
The bible says I sought for a man who would stand in a gap – an intercessor.
be a man of prayer.
lets pray together as a family, A family that prays together, stays together.
My House Shall be called the HOUSE OF PRAYER.

Your steps are ordered…May the GRACE on this Service change your life..
Pastor Rich – Apostle Suleman.
To Give an Offering, seeds or tithes kindly use any of the 4 ways below;
1. click this link: https://pushpay.com/G/OFMAMERICA

2. www.Paypal.me/ofmhouston
3. CASH APP: $OFMHouston
4. ZELLE: OFMHoustonTX@gmail.com

Pastor Rich Aghahowa


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  1. Any Witches,Wizards,Voodoo priests that have tampered with my destiny,Lord send your; judgement; from your Throne SO THEY SHALL LET ME GO!Almighty God,Jehovah GOD scriptures tell us He killeth and he maketh alive!The same God that blesses is the same God that killeth!Whoever needs to go down so that Gods blessings can be restored in my life and my families life cause they cant stand to see the blessings of God manifest in my life, so they work against me and my prosperity,for this they shall go down!

  2. Pastor, it is enough! Yes, I am frustrated… I am innocent… They lied and use spiritual activity that Police can't enforce. I trust God, but my children are now grown! How could they just get away! I love God… Make my iron to float!🔥🔥🔥

  3. Thank you God , thank you Jesus for using this great man of God for giving me and my household our lost Glory. It's a blessing for a rugged prayer like that. Thank you man of God. May ur anointing never run dry born Pastor Rich Omega 🔥 ministry Houston Texas USA. Remain blessed and have a good one USA.


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