Litany of Loreto [ Original Santa Ana Parish, Pampanga] – Laudate Sanctam Annam

From the words of Wilmer Licup:

Our aim is to revive Sta. Ana’s Rosario Cantada. We want to bring back to life the singing of the intermystery hymn and the Litanias ning Loreto with the new invocations by Saint John Paul II and Pope Francis. We were able to do this with the help of our community elders and the Laudate Sanctam Annam. The intermystery hymn and the litany were reconstructed through the memory of our elders and were transcribed and arranged by Sis Anjhyne Mallari. The reconstructed hymns were performed by the Laudate Sanctam Annam (LSA) for the first time during the 86th Healing Rosary for the World hosted by the Parroquia de Sta. Ana. This music is a part of our parish’s intangible cultural heritage and is believed to be an original of the parish. The original version was last heard during the time of Msgr. Ruben Lenon in (1999-2005) .

Dakal pung Salamat!
Viva la Virgen!!!!
Viva Santa Ana!!!!


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