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Durood-e-Shafi’i – Allahumma Salli Ala Sayyidina Muhammad By saad al qureshi
“O Allah! Shower blessings on Muhammad and his children whenever he is remembered by those who remember him, and shower blessings on Muhammad and family whenever he is not remembered by the negligent, and grant him peace constantly in abundance”.

Durood Sharif


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  1. I’m not a muslim (yet) but noticed that every time I’m sad or feeling unhappy I’m trying to connect with Islam to solve my problems and to express my feelings. I find it selfish of myself because I only turn to Islam and Allah (swt) in the bad times and forget about it in the good times. Please my muslim friends, pray for me to find the peace in myself and may Allah (swt) guide me to Islam ❤️🤲🏼. I hope that everyone that reads this is feeling happy and healthy. ❤️

  2. Masha allah ….I feel sooo happy n peaceful after listening ths daily Alhamdulillah 😍 it avoids happening problems and sadness in our family ….Insha allah am trying to remember ths dua Alhamdulillah 🤲🤲

  3. Plzzz pray for me i have no peace in my heart and mindd due to this i can't do anything neither i am able to concentrate on my anything rather it is my studies or my personal lifee norr i am able to take care of myself it feel like there is also not sukun in eating even in ramadann … Intereste is losing and what i feel is only the sinking feeling nothing else i am making a lot of duas and efforts fso that i will be ok but day by day i am getting worse plzzz pray forr me plzz for the sake of allahh plzzz

  4. Dear Allah i have a very hard time studying and helping my parents i cry every 2 days cause i feel like i have no power anymore pls help me pls Allah i love you and all the muslims in here👐🏼


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