Life is Like a Quilt

Isn’t it interesting that we have such contradictions in our lives? Despite our massive victories, we have our messed-up vulnerabilities. Our lives may be fragmented, but our God sews the pieces together in congregation with our faith. But for God to make something beautiful out of our lives, we need to trust Him completely. Trust His plan, praise His name, and access the promise He lined up for you from the day of your creation.

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Message: The Dividends of Trust
Scripture: Psalm 34:1-10 (KJV)
Speaker: Bishop T.D. Jakes
Date: July 10, 2022

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  1. "Authentic People Are Complicated." I love that. Thank you Bishop Jakes for this wonderful Word of encouragement. Alll those times I've been dubbed by some in my FORMER Church as being bipolar in an attempt to hurt my feelings and "put me in my place," I've really been exhibiting my authenticity. What they meant as a put down was really a compliment.

  2. I’m praising my way through this storm. Son in icu. Please pray he healed. Lucas Shoffner need brain to heal. Blood clots gone. EVD to stabilize. He on vent. And waiting on God. I’m praising God for every day. And that he is alive. God going use this for His glory ❤️

  3. I was looking four your video from last nite popped up ❤family the truth is last nite I was trying to take a break from averting ok I'm being onist but I'm in alot of trouble I there not sure anymore OK I can't drive anymore because I need help to fix it and I see the ancer is nope to me if true our not true OK because that was my safety ride

  4. God has got my back! I’ve been having nightmares. Fell asleep watching this an hour ago, bc I missed the beginning on Sunday, and I had nightmares and I woke up and turned it right back on. Right at the part of God has got my back. You have no idea how bad I needed this. I’m fighting against spiritual forces I have never fought before. Not this intense. Please keep me in your prayers. Love you church

  5. Thank you so much, your preaching has saved me lately. Literally saved my life. I’m a warrior for God. He has walked with me lately in the darkness ❤️

  6. God is Complacted, Life is Complacted, Love is Complacted. Man is Complacted, the Universe is Complacted.. amen To God Who is the same today tomorrow an yesterday.


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