Let's Talk About All the Ravi Zacharias Scandals

The late Christian apologist is now at the center of some very serious allegations.

What should we make of them and what does it mean for his legacy in the Christian world?

UPDATE: A few things I missed in the video:

– According to Steve Baughman, it’s not RZIM that controls the NDA in Scandal 2. Zacharias’ wife could release the couple from it with her say-so. (She should.) Also, the settlement was leaked online and it appears that Zacharias paid the couple $250,000: https://julieroys.com/rzim-apologist-letter-lost-trust-reparations/

– Zacharias said he’s a Senior Research Fellow at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford University, and Wycliffe is indeed a part of the school, but his title was still honorary and he was never a “professor” at Oxford.

Here is Steve Baughman’s video about Scandal 3: https://youtu.be/JtEn37-WGEU

Here is his video about Zacharias’ credentials: https://youtu.be/I0tbgF7U1iw

Julie Roys on the former RZIM members: https://julieroys.com/rzim-leader-speakers-denounce-scandals/

Mike Pence’s eulogy: https://www.whitehouse.gov/briefings-statements/remarks-vice-president-pence-memorial-service-ravi-zacharias-atlanta-ga/

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Thank you to Yanely Del Rosario for providing captioning help!


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  1. Has anyone considered whether Ravi Zaccharias had undiagnosed multiple personality disorder / Dissociative Identity Disorder….and it was some of his unknown alternate personalities that were engaging in sexual misconduct? This would realistically explain his denials and even lawsuit against those who tried to blackmail him. I should know.

  2. This report changes nothing concerning the Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ.

    The rise or ‘fall’ of anyone does not alter the Gospel.

    “Jesus Christ the Same Yesterday to-day and For Ever.”

    “I am the Lord I change not”

  3. In what sense was he wrong? And in what sense is he wrong when he nearly destroyed every atheist whoever challenged him. Ad hominym and add hoc remarks aren’t an argument against anything.

  4. i am a christian but not a member of RZIM. I want to say that Ravi deserved the tittle Dr the same way the first scholars to have that tittle had. God gave him wisdom above the knowledge found in world renowned university and this made so many be jealous of him among them is you and atheist. one man said "sin is no longer the honored guest or the paying tenant it used to be before conversion, but the squatter not legitimately there but very difficult to evict" . He may have fallen short of what he was preaching against because sin made man to loose the nature of God in purity and rectitude. If God should have a mindset like yours, who could stand? Psalms 130:3. never have I seen the tongue exiting the mouth because it was bitten by the teeth or the teeth that the tongue moved food with a stone particle in it breaking the molars. An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind so let's forgive the preacher, pray for his ministry and those who may have suffered from his sin.

  5. Matthew 23:3/paraphrase… Listen, follow and obey what the teachers/pastors/rabbis/priests say/tell you to do, but do not imitate or copy them for they do not practice what they preached… Amen.

  6. I'm an ex-christian, although not from the evangelical/bible bashing end. No surprise at all at yet another bible bashing evangelical fundamentalist preacher is found to be a hypocrite of the first magnitude. The only reason the organisation is trying to appear to be 'open' is fear of being sued and of potential criminal liability etc. They're just interested in trying to protect their income generator.

  7. Why you didn't say this or investigate all this when he was alive. Atheists are good at smelling rotten eggs than laying the good one.Sir YOU carry so much hate. Don't you think you must visit a psychologist before late.

  8. Everyone shall be judged for way they lived…things they said etc…we can all have everything to say about this man's sin but ours are staring in our face…..Repent…Pray…

  9. Not another "Christian" sex scandal! I'm so ….not surprised. Jesus is truth except when one of his "Representatives", gets his sexual apparatus caught in an "unholy" moment. Seems like there are so many of these folks there should be a "Hall of Fame", for them. So, i guess it's come for Jesus and then, cum yourself. "Blessed are those who come in the name of the Lord". Kinda puts that statement in a new light.

  10. Ravi might have taught the Bible after a fashion but he totally never knew The God of The Bible The True Jesus Christ because Ravi was a narcissistic nasty predatory lying bully who has left a lot of victims behind him and true Christians follow Jesus not people

  11. I am saddened. What? -a flawed (human being) messenger! No wonder our world is so messed up. There is no message because there is no perfect messenger. WOW! and so we continue to stumble in our ignorance because we cannot learn a better way because there is no one to teach us. We truly are doomed to repeat the mistakes of history. Speaking of history, we better take another look at the flawed leaders, generals, presidents, pastors etc. who have led this world in a positive way. Just, what if Ravi had a razor sharp mind and was right and could teach? Surely you don't want to throw all that wisdom away.

  12. This guy claims to be an athirst but won't go live in North Korea….mao.athiest millions killed..Hitler athirst millions killed.starlin atheists millions killed pol pot.millions killed….God.. thou shall not kill…oh boy

  13. I still use the pre-1960 convention 4 human races if humans should be divided at all. That is Caucasians, Negroid, Oriental, and Aboriginal. Most people from the Uk to the bottom of India were considered Caucasian not brown likewise most sub-Saharan Africa are Negroid, Oriental were considered that east of India and south of Russia. Aboriginal people are native to Australia and the Americans. I personally think all humans are of one race with only superficial physical, cultural and social differences. The lighter skin color eye color of Europe only occurred about 10 to 15 thousand years ago. PS if the biblical Jesus is real, he would not have light brown hair or light complexion. He would have looked like all the Jews in his area.

  14. The more we see others the more we see less of ourselves, that is where danger lies, this world there is so much to see in it's beauty, i dont want to see the evil side even though GOOD & evil coexist…….. GOD IS THE ONLY JUDGE BECAUSE HE SEES AND KNOWS Everything……..

  15. titles… haha! "Friendly" athiest.. Haha! Accurate.. who gave you that title? That is a simpleton statement.. You put something in front of your name too!!! nah nah nah nah nah ( tongue out! ) as for the allegations… yoooo lets not look at the spec of dirt in the ice cream… Pick that ish out and feast on this mans many decades of resilient knowledge.. Look at you bro.. I can judge too! one look and you and i know!! like frfr! KNOW! You got maaaaaadd weird secrets you hiding!! c'mon! just share a lil'! As for attacking his faults… you obviously do not understand "Christianity".. it's not a "virtue" as u say… hahahahaha!!! It's F'd up people (depraved) looking for redemption.. keep wasting your time bro.. PREACH!! Save 'em all!! I understand why Believers get behind a pulpit or video… but honestly do not understand why you do?????!!!!! Eat drink and be merry!! for tomorrow u may die!!! " naw bro!!! i'd rather waste my time hating on people who love God on youtube!" <~~~~~ YOU! Glad your life is so lame you consider to take your short worthless time on this planet to devote it to….. ummm … hold up… ummm… still trying to understand why you take the time to fight a God that you believe doesn't exist… ummmm.. that's like me boxing the ghost of Abraham Lincoln.. haha!! Keep wastin' your time makin' videos!! You are making a HHHHugee impact for the … ummm .. ummm.. what are you doing this for again?!? haha! get gone bro!!

  16. This is typical and prevalent beyond measure in Evangelical circles. I've seen it over and over and over again in my 45 years of involvement in Christianity. Jim Baker, Jimmy Swaggart, Ted Haggard, etc over and over again. If it's not sex, it's money. If it's not money it's drugs. Once knew a functional drug addict pastor for over 30 years before I realized he was addicted to morphine. Excuse – bone spur. I shit you not. I've seen it ALL and I trust absolute no person who proclaims themselves a "Christian Authority" on anything.

  17. I never knew about him. Another Telly with rockstar status, wealth, drugs, pretty girls, what can go wrong? Its always funny watching them fall.Greedy, drunk with power. Remember Jim Baker.

  18. He owned health clubs from money earned by selling Jesus. I have many times thought about getting into the Jesus business…. Very profitable… and much of it cash. The Jesus business is just like the consultant business in general… find out what the customer wants and give it to them…. but with flare….

  19. It's amazing to hear different points of view and learn from each other. There's a ton of allegations coming out into the open now and people are waking up to put on their critical thinking hat to question everything that's been handed to them by birth because that was the only way to go.

  20. The satanic cult of sola scriptura a man made tradition invented by a devil possessed man, designed to destroy the Christianity is in action, what! a! perfect! blueprint for dilute devide, deviate, confupsion, anarchism and ultimately atheism.

  21. I almost didn't click on this because a big name christian caught in a scandal is so common as to be boring, but I did it because I like your other vids. It's just one of many things that make no sense about christianity: supposedly a person gets "born again" and has the holy spirit (part of god himself) come into their life, but their behavior and personality don't change. If a person was in contact with the most powerful all knowing being, creator of the universe, looks like they'd have the power to overcome weakness.

  22. After carefully listening to your video, I have to say there is no such thing as a perfect person on earth there is not one, and Ravi was far from being one. During his time on earth if you carefully review his messages in speeches it was all about God’s grace, mercy, and unconditional love – Not on a strict guidelines procedures and rules.. Unfortunately, since he was a celebrity his weaknesses is being shared to the public and the public is making a mockery out of it as though he was supposed to be perfect. I could easily make a mockery out of the fact that when you speak you sound angry therefore you have a struggle with anger in make a big circus out of anger management. The point I’m making is that his weakness Is being made a mockery. That shouldn’t discourage people from the truth and the truth is that God is a God of grace, love, and mercy. If any one of us make it into heaven after we die it’s only by gods grace, mercy, and unconditional love. The conclusion of the matter is is that we’re all hypocrites.

  23. By the way, I only have known about the scandals of Dr. Zacharias 2 weeks ago. I won't hurt my faith in Jesus Christ at all. God uses sinners, including me, to spread the gospel of eternal life. I don't blame God for this. The truthfulness of the Gospel does not depend on the conduct of the messengers, but it is embedded in the message itself. If you receive a mail, would you reject it just because the mailperson is sick? You are smart, but please, be wise also!


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