Let Christ Control Your Mind – Billy Graham

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  1. Its happening now. People are controlled by fear now!!!! Corona instilling fears all over the world!!!!😱
    This is so terrifying that this speech is all what the world is becoming!!!!God save us all. Everyone will agree!!!!

  2. Please research the testimony of Fiona Barnett! She was sexually abused by Billy Graham. Please research the Voodoo Donuts child trafficking scandal and Billy Graham's son's instagram from Voodoo Donuts.

  3. There might be external factors, traps and temptations created by the devil but 95% evil comes from within. Since the fall of mankind every imagination of mankind is evil and out of the evil of the flesh come all sin. Jesus said so. Paul confirmed. The devil can't be everywhere at the same time like God, the devil and his buddies are not all-knowing like God, they can't read the mind, so it is not possible for every person to be whispered to and tempted by the adversary. As James said, first comes desire, then when desire creates action it is sin which brings death.

  4. Through God we are whole. We wish for things we already have and cry for things we don't need. America needs God now and forever. I will die for God because He died for me


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