Launch In Victory // Launch In Victory (Part 4) // Michael Todd

Week 4 of our series Launch In Victory started with a bang! Our lead pastor, Michael Todd, is back, and he’s teaching us everything we need to launch something in all of our lives. What is God wanting to launch in your life? Take that step. Start that project. Write that song. If God is calling you to it, He will help you through it. Let this series be a launching pad for whatever God is starting in your life. Let us know what God is launching in your life, and share this message with a friend!

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00:00 – Intro
00:23 – Sermon intro
09:38 – Numbers chapter 13 verses 25 through 33 NLT
15:55 – See in victory: vision
19:09 – Transformation Church’s vision
21:58 – Numbers chapter 13 verse 25 NLT
24:35 – Speak in victory: validate
28:38 – Numbers chapter 13 verses 25 & 30 NLT
29:12 – LED illustration
32:09 – Search in vulnerable: (your heart)
37:37 – Stand in vigilance: adversity
46:44 – Obey what God said when it looks opposite
51:39 – Submit to vast: trust
57:18 – Secure your value: identity
01:04:23 – Joshua chapter 10 verse 9
01:09:08 – Sustain velocity: power
01:12:03 – Acts chapter 1 verses 7 & 8 NLT
01:15:34 – Sow in victory
01:20:28 – Isaiah chapter 43 verses 15 through 20 NLT


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  1. At the first of 2021 God told me to grow my hair out and my beard. I like my hair short I did what God asked me to do. The year previous to that I had spent a lot of time fasting and praying. The year God had me growing my hair out I spent fasting and praying. I spent around 280 days fasting out of at two years. In February of this year God told me to cut my hair and that he wanted me to start a social media account. I now have three social media accounts and over the last 90 days I’ve had around 80,000 views on the videos I produced. You have to obey God when he tells you to do something even when it sounds stupid to you.

  2. I miss Pastor Mike❤ I needed this. This word/sermon was for me. I admit to myself everything he said. Identity fraud. I know God spoke to me. It didn’t work. 40 years later. It was suppose to be 11 days. I’m still in the wilderness. I’ve been doubtful and fearful that’s why it didn’t work. I gotta be strong and courage. I gotta be 2 out of 2 million.

  3. Can I get urgent prayer for my mom? She just got let go from her job at Sams for having to go to the emergency room for a heart issue and now her landlord is trying to evict her in a two day time span. I know God has a plan. Coming together in agreement that any plan the enemy has will not prosper. I'm tithing again thanks to Transformation church and getting fed spiritually and growing in ways I have not before in Jesus. We are ALL struggling but I'm trying to have that Crazy Faith like in Pastor's book I'm reading.

  4. My problem for the past few months has been FEAR and Anxiety,I literally have the tools and fully equipped to become successful as a day trader in the financial markets however I’ve just been overwhelmed by FEAR ,NOT ANYMORE ! 🥺THIS IS WHAT GOD HAS CALLED ME TO DO !🥺THANK YOU PASTOR TODD!!!!❤️‍🔥🙏🛐

  5. I am so glad that I watch this today. For the longest in my heart 💜 I wanted to apply volunteer for TC nation prayer team virtual. I had self doubt instead of confidence and boldness. I spoke the words I’m shy and a introvert.

  6. I'm white, 35, and I got braids for the first time ever. I was dying because 100 I was thinking the same exact thing. I'm not doing this for anybody but me. Confident in who I am, values have not changed 🙌

  7. The kingdom of heaven is humming right now. A steady persistent vibration heard by those who accepted the call. In the coming years it will grow until it sounds a full orchestra where it unmistakable by all. All the earth is patiently awaiting for Glory to be revealed to Humanity. We are gifted to be breathing during such a time!!!

  8. Whew !!! Pastor Todd came back I knew that it was going to be on fire 🔥 but the truth that I need to hear. Mic 🎤 dropped when he said singing maverick city wait on the Lord when God said if I told you to wait but I told you to go ahead in start launching in victory I felt that so much in my spirit and soul. Thank You TC Nation

  9. Minster Maidenless
    I see your request for prayer and to let you know I am praying for you. Just to let you know sometime prayer alone is not always enough. Try and search your self and see what door was open to cause it.
    If it's a lot, deal with one at a time.
    Sis in Christ

  10. We’re going to make it !!!!
    im soooo happy youre back , you all give me life (us) but you ! 🙏🏻💙 thank you for walking in your purpose as I know i am not the only one who God used to transform us in his glory !

  11. Whoever reading this, God knows what you are facing through, He heard your cry, He is going to deliver you. Just trust in him. Amen 🙏🙏💖💖


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