Knock Knock | Elevation Church | Pastor Steven Furtick

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  1. Or when evil opens the for evil to come in because good is busy explaining what good does not do if they know the knocking

    I know what certain knocks are too and when a man asks to speak to someone for what thru say good us to never do and well says it only the personality or traits if it and tending to evil yo be evil that us worse of evil

    And to constantly combat and fight such wearing spirit of evil knocking it the worse of worse

    There are times when my spirits stay up all hours of the night of how evil can ask but so many times for good to be of only good even if evil is noticed by their evil and it does not matter how many sleepless nights made by a witch that men need to learn about because there are more than look at them in the same witches faces about the sane evil witch

    Again, my thoughts to explain to witches who do this kind is evil

    There are not enough words let me turn the that to listening back to the service with 👂

    The good man knew what the witch was asking him

    And when the other no good women said she spoke to consume more of good and the deeds that wee of only sin for one man and what they determined when after viewing all the videos of her sins that explained it better to their thinking to the good of all Christian that knew of her evil to and those that degree with the witches hate for one man in her mind and whatever that consume of good agree to disagree about its bot every day

    More than too many people say the same witch has said this it that and it was the worse when they travel to the land that certain pets would listen to hear what so much talk us about one witch

    And when she explained to some who was speaking and not others for the company of good to know what I could not be part as the reviewed the information provide by the man's birthed not by any witch

    But as the evil witch knows it is not for the deeds of one evil who convinced others of hate to one people that later asked indirect evil against one man with her evil demise to others in her presence to represent the worse of hate as the worse of reviving hate as orders knew of it, for it to be recognized to her meaning and intent to one man

    It's difficult to talk about it discuss in any kind of the conversation Bible needs to be of some description too

    Enough about a female witch so evil that it turns one to the bible to learn of this kind of female witch if nothing else because it's too difficult trying to explain the intents of certain types of evil females that have the hate explained in her powers of description if the evil she invites with knocks that too many people know its meaning

    Let me listen 👂 this evil female witch must be learned said by many too

  2. Thank You Lord for Who You Are and Thank You Elevation for the Word of God to be spoken through many at your Church it is such a blessing, I'm so glad to have joined coffee family this morning to get then moved to listen to this Amazing Sermon Again I hope it blessings Many Others as it did me and that is what I Pray 🙏✌️ in Jesus Name Amen. Bless Y'all

  3. the begining to the end hit home to me. bless you and thank you pastor steven and elevation church. sometimes we live these stories in the bible and thats why he gave us his holy word to teach us. i know he sent me to you so you could guide me through this tough time in my life.

  4. Can someone please explain to me why innocent children suffer with illnesses and violence. Some people try so hard to do good and are under constant attack by the enemy and the suffer miserable lives . How is that God's purpose. My faith has never been so tested . I feel deserted .

  5. knok and the dore will open ask and it will be open we go threw good times bad times and pecful tims times in triels and persacushen and jugmentel times and sesonal times fore planting time havist time and dangris times life is not esy its a chalinge god bless

  6. i pray fore all those strugling frome drugs and alchol that you got this no one is perfct and ther is no sutch things ase pe`rfict pepole thats why jessus died on the cross becose we cen cange a pray for you and i was a actict my self god bless

  7. Just drove thru coffee and had this paused up in the corner of my phone… the gal saw it and yelled "oh hey that's Steven!" All the way across the US you are making an impact

  8. You are right. He is at my Door.. I know he is.. I have been through to much.. I told God earlier I couldn't take no more. God thank you for allowing this Pastor to show me it's you .


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