Kevin Samuels ignore the warning from Pastor Gino Jennings

Kevin Samuels ignore the warning from Pastor Gino Jennings.
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  1. That is not strange 🤔 they are having sex she was not paying attention to him like that and again remember that God took him so no one could help him and may be God blind her to the signs

  2. You're misquoting Matt 11:28
    The rest spoken in the scripture is NOT referencing death, by context alone.
    Don't clout chase.
    Kevin Samuels death is an assassination. Unless the family has released details of his autopsy to the public, any account is rank speculation. Let the man REST IN PEACE.

  3. Only the world equates the value of money as the value of people. They're two totally different things, money has its own Value and people have their own Value and you can't equate character,morals or personality with money. What about the righteous poor, or the wicked rich? Obviously the righteous poor is high value! The world will always flip the truth to accommodate their evil doctrine.

  4. I'm watching this video that you're discussing about this Kevin Samuels guy, who's been dead for a while now. I hear you describe the way he died! You say that he was above this lady,(I guess you're implying he was on top of this lady, which makes no difference at all)implying having sex with her at the time of his death! You imply that she must be a prostitute, in so many words, before you later said that she was a doctor, then she was a nurse! That this guy was living a "sorted lifestyle" and therefore not able to give anyone any advice, especially how he referenced to "black women!" How dare he speak on marriage when he wasn't married! What advice could he possibly give! I assume that you were speaking of his lifestyle with all of his flaws and how the bible plainly spoke about all of his "ungodly behavior," so that other people wouldn't repeat the same types of "sinful behavior" and risk losing their souls into eternal damnation!" I understand that you are a "strict believing man of God, under the tutoriage of Pastor Gino Jennings! You believe what he teaches is the word of God! He frequently "fist pumps" his chest and says "Tony Harvey," how he likes and appreciates what you do to help him spread the word of God! Therefore the two of you have a good relationship I'd I'd assumed! In doing this video of this man, Kevin Samuel's, you stated/inferred that he was in the mist of having sex when he had a "heart attack," how you didn't understand, with her being a doctor, oh excuse you, her being a nurse, how she couldn't recognize that this man was having a "heart attack!" You found that questionable! Well, please forgive me if I speak incorrectly being I've not followed this man's death like the onslaught of women, and even fewer men, have done and continue to do to this very day! But my question to you is were you there in their bedroom to see that this guy was in the act of having sex when his heart stopped! How do you say because the lady said "he was fine just the other day," that the two had automatically been together! Did the lady say that they were in the mist of having sex and he had the heart attack? And it doesn't matter who was on top of who! Because she said "he was fine just the other day" how do you know that that meant that the two of them were together? Couldn't they have just possibly spoken over the phone with one another and "he felt just fine?" Maybe they got together the next day! How do you know what actually was going on when he had the "heart attack" that you can't understand "how the doctor," excuse you the nurse" couldn't tell he was having a heart attack? Maybe they weren't in the mist of having sex and she wasn't in the room with him when it happened! Maybe he was asleep and had a "heart attack," because I'm sure you know that it's not unusual? Right? I'm pointing out these things that you said are accurate! Just as you described them to be! As I said at the beginning I've not followed the story of this man and what went on between the grown people! Maybe all you said is truth! And I deeply ask for your forgiveness if indeed I've asked questions of you inappropriately! If any part of what you've said about this man and that situation is not the truth, then you spoke of him as you did to "sensationalize" the situation! To give it strength to make sure you were getting your message out clearly that the man whom so very many females and some men "hated" was a hypocrite and a liar! You've only got to look at his early age of death, punishment for what he believed, for having an belittling, vulgar, vicious, derogatory, insulting opinion about "black women!" You're saying "see see, that's what he gets, well that's karma, and let's all stump his dead body even lower into his grave, I hated him so much!" Even when he spoke the truth he was hated for it and even moreso how he expressed his rude nasty cruel opinions, especially about black women! He didn't make bot one black woman watch his program time after time after time until the hatred became as deep as it evidently was towards him. I wouldn't have watched it especially if I felt he was being purposely cruel rude vicious and condescending towards "black women," such as I am! Just like that guy Tommy Sotomayor! I watched a few episodes, didn't agree with tmsome of the things he was saying about "black women," but I stopped watching moreso because of the way he said things about "black women!" And a whole lot of times "he was telling the absolute truth!" I didn't have time or desire to let that type of "poison" interrupt my life! And finally, you watch pastor jennings and follow his teaching on the "word of God from the bible!" But after you'd finished your "performance" on how sinful and a hypocrite this Kevin Samuels was, and how he deserved his early untimely death for committing all the sins he was doing, you said "all I can only hope is "God will have mercy on him! Well, Pastor Jennings teaches that the bible says "the wages of sin is death," there's "nothing left but the judgement," and all you do while you're alive is what it is! You live in sin, die in sin, your "wages of sin is death," so to hell your soul goes! How can you say "God have mercy?" It's done, Kevin Samuels book is closed! Based on your short "documentary" on this man he lived in sin, unrepented, died in sin, straight to hell, correct? According to pastor Jennings, it's done once you die! If you die a sinner, you're going to hell! "Back to bible, pastor says, but you who faithfully believe and follow his teachings from the bible have implied that maybe God will have mercy on mr Samuel's! That's what you said, when even if the word of God taught differently, I believe you'd still really hope this man's soul would go to hell; because as you've said how much you disliked him and felt that he deserved what he gets! You, a christian, having hate and malice within your heart! When did you become "perfect and free from sin! Surely you're familiar with the passage referencing to removal of the branch from your eye before you can see the twig in someone else's eye! The bible says "you are a liar if you say you don't sin!" The bible says that you cannot hate your brother and say that you love God because God is love!" There again, yet another lie! SMH SMH! So either you, pastor Jennings(because you follow his teaching of God's word,)or the word itself is a lie! Help me to understand please, because there's some lying going on somewhere!🙏🙏🙏🙏

  5. What? Did Kevin Samuels tune in to Pastor Jennings, was this man KS's Pastor?? Does Pastor Jennings calls Kevin Samuels' name out here? Does he direct this sermon to Kevin Samuels? If not, this caption is all wrong! And no; I wasn't much of a fan!


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