Kaabo (Welcome) – Dunsin Oyekan #dunsinoyekan #worship #praise #welcome #kaabo

Welcome O King of Glory,
You who are radiant in splendour
You who are magnificent
You who are majestic in all of Your ways
You are mighty in power
You are awesome
You are glorious in all of Your ways
King of kings, Lord of lords
E Kaabo o.

We are made in Your image & likeness
In You we see & recognise ourselves
We are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, cheering us on
For in You we live, move & have our being
Your powerful magnetic Presence draws us in.
E Kaabo o.

Welcome Jesus
Kaabo King of Zion
Welcome King of Glory

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  1. Minister Dunsin is a blessing to this generation. He is a gift.
    I'm just crying 😭😭😭 as am worshipping God in my room. I feel God and the presence of the cloud of witnesses looking down on us. I will not fail my generation, I won't fail God. The cloud of witnesses are also cheering us up. May God help us to pray the price of alignment so we can also be a blessing to our generation. GOD BLESS US ALL. GOD BLESS DUNSIN OYEKAN

  2. what a Powerful Praise and Worship moment. This song just takes one to a different realm. Praise be to God now and forevermore. AMEN.. Let all the peoples Praise HIM

  3. ❀❀❀❀Uncle Dunsin never disappoints. Straight from the Father's throne.

    My fave line is when he says "da da da da le de." It melts my heart ❀❀

  4. GOD is saying to you today;"I'm giving you grace to deal with the challenges you're facing. Things that used to stress you out will no longer have a hold on you!Let My peace guard your heart & your mind!It's going to get better!"

  5. My goodness, I keep discovering beautiful songs from you man of God… Wooooooooooo Im blessed to have bumped into your videos here …My prayers are to be able to experience this wonderful worship service… God bless…..

  6. Am here today much love from Uganda playing every morning the annointing of this song is fresh everyday my God am so down with sorrows and pain bt I remember his still on the throne so I will worship if Nigerians sit on the piano they never disappoint the world pastor Nat you guys are good wish I would attend such worship live

  7. If you're reading this with tears in your eyes, know that GOD is speaking directly to your wounded soul through this message. You didn't just happen to stumble across this message.GOD led you to it.He wants you to know that He is making a way for you right now!He is healing that sickness. He is going to give you an opportunity that you've never had.He is going to heal your strained relationships.Stay in faith, bcos your breakthroughs is coming.πŸ•ŠπŸ•Šβ€πŸ™


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