Just Call Me Jacob | Out Of The Vault | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

We all face the temptation to fake it; to put on a mask and hide, or send our avatar into situations we don’t want to face. “Just Call Me Jacob” was originally preached in a series called Death To Selfie in 2014 at Elevation Church in Charlotte, NC. In it, Pastor Steven Furtick warns us, “God can’t bless who we pretend to be.”

Pastor Steven builds a compelling message about vulnerability, honesty, and self-acceptance from the story of a guy in the Bible named Jacob from Genesis 32 verses 22-29. As Pastor Steven walks us through Jacob’s life, we’re given the opportunity to evaluate our own.

Jesus asks in the gospel of Luke chapter 9 verse 25, “What good is it to gain the whole world but lose yourself?” What good is it to get the car, get the house, get the position, get the credit, but lose your very self in the process?

That was the story of Jacob and that is the story for many of us. But in a powerful turn at the end of “Just Call Me Jacob” we discover that God doesn’t just love the parts of our life that we polish to present to others, God is the God of Jacob too. Through His offer of grace, God accepts us just as we are.

We believe this message will set you free to feel the love of God.

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Just Call Me Jacob | Out Of The Vault | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church


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  1. Amen, my son has been in jail for almost 2 months, but he is clean and sober and studying God's word now. So yes when we are alone is when God does his greatest work. My other son has been sober for 2 months and was babtized Easter Sunday, and another one of my son's was arrested 2 days ago, I'm praying for his sobriety and healing, my older son Brandon is still out thier,,but I'm confident he is next!,

  2. We can become stuck in the limbo of Life when we live in comparison desiring what others have. Never comfortable with being content with what you have. Never happy exactly the way things are. Never happy with the way WE are.

    If we live in ‘never-enough’ we live Life caring what others have or what others think; we’re holding on to our neediness of me-first in every area of Life. Deep down we already know what we want in our heart. 💕

    Our heart knows things that our mind wrestles with, and to find peace we must find a new identity – a new name. When we listen to what our heart’s been speaking to us all along we are no longer enslaved to our me-first mindset as we become secure in Christ.

    Grace plus self-denial is a Life of what is… is always enough. ☝️

  3. So honest, down to earth,sincere and speaks right to your heart. His messages are applicable to every day life. So thankful to the Lord for him. So blessed and encouraged. God cannot minister to your mask, such powerful words.


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