Judikay – Omemma (LIVE)

“Omemma” is off Judikay’s debut album “Man Of Galilee”.

DOWNLOAD/STREAM “Man of Galilee Live” EP by Judikay

Man of Galilee (Live)

DOWNLOAD/STREAM “Man of Galilee” debut album by Judikay

Man of Galilee (Album)

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  1. Ephraim God has done well. Judah God has done well. All 12 Stone has done us well so we should do each other well. What about the 10 Commandments,…………..Do want to keep stealing from your brother and coveting… .Ex. 20

  2. Immediately I got a call that my wife just gave birth to our second baby, I rush down here to play this song… I’m filled with so much joy… we have been through a lot this period because of the Ukraine war, I’m glad she gave birth in Germany 🇩🇪 God is alive … congrats to me and my family 🙏

  3. This song is very deep i love it and i can listen to it the whole day. THANKS MY ALMIGHTY GOD. Thanks judikay😍💞 for making us enjoying this amazing and beautiful song full of FAITH. Happy weekend for ya'll


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