Judikay – Capable God (Official Video)

EeZee Conceptz presents the official Music Video for “Capable God”.
Directed by Avalon Okpe.

“Capable God” is off Judikay debut album “Man Of Galilee”
DOWNLOAD/STREAM “Man of Galilee” debut album by Judikay

Man of Galilee (Album)

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  1. This song is a blessing bring tears to my eyes. You see the day I met my grandfather he was blind until the day he died. I always wondered why wasn't he able to see us growing up especially to see the woman that I have become. But 5years ago he came to me in my vision talking and looking at me. I really never thought of the vision until now, because I saw this video I now know that my grandfather is not blind no more he can see me.
    God thank you for your blessings 🙌 🙏 ✨️ ❤️ 💛 💕

  2. A month ago, I was stuck trying so hard to gain a visa interview date. I fasted on 22nd July 2022, I was crying so hard then something just told me to play this song. After praying and dancing to this song, I got a date the same day. My visa interview went smoothly and now I am in the USA studying on a full scholarship. The God we serve is capable and He indeed doesn't know how to fail.🙏🙏🙏

  3. I remember my friend's car was stolen..we used to pray while playing this song🙏God showed us His Greatness my friend in less than 6months he bought a bigger car more than the one which was stolen

  4. God am here before you in Tears and in Pain not knowing where to go in terms of career,marriage and Family.
    Things happening to me currently are honestly beyond me in my young age,but I know they are not beyond you,please remember me your Child because honestly I am lost.
    Remember me Almighty God,am Lost!!

  5. I can honestly say this song healed me. I was in the hospital for 1 month and the doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me (almost unheard of abroad) I was discharged on a wheel chair .. I fell in love with this song and sang it passionately EVERYDAY .. One day I was singing this repeatedly and crying and forcing myself to stand up from the wheelchair. From nowhere I found strength ams stood up. Though unsteady, I made a few steps and fell on the ground. It only got better from there and today I am on my feet. Driving, walking , going to the gym like a normal person again . God is indeed faithful and he doesn’t lie🙏

  6. I've gotten my wedding song.. because this is my testimony… wedding at 32.. pple thot it's late n God. Has failed..but he doesn't fail those who trust in him


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